Your Xmas Break To Do List

School is out, the holidays are coming to an end, and you finally get a little relaxation from all the stress. How are you going to fill all the free time you now have? To cure your boredom and give you ideas on what to do, here is your Xmas break to do list!

Xmas Break To Do List: Sleep In

Xmas to do list
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Let’s face it, you probably never get to sleep in when you have to constantly get up for school or work. Xmas break is a rare occasion where you get to step away from your sleep routine and sleep in, so take advantage of it! Get all the sleep you can and enjoy every moment of it, you deserve it.

Xmas Break To Do List: Have a Spa Day

xmas break to do list
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Another relaxing thing to do over Christmas break is having a spa day (or multiple spa days!). Grab your mom or friends and add to your relaxation by going to a spa or creating one in your own home. You can do manicures, pedicures, massages, or face masks. It’s really up to you and whichever will help you relax, rejuvenate, and get ready for the new year! If you want some alone time, take a relaxing bubble bath. No one has time for this during the school year, so you earned it. It’s the perfect opportunity to stay warm and try that new bath bomb!

Xmas Break To Do List: Cook or Bake

xmas break to do list
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You may not have had time to cook or bake either in school, which makes this the perfect Christmas break activity. Now is the time to learn some new and easy recipes from your family, or one’s you have found online. You have all the ingredients and tools at home, so get to it! Try making someone dinner, or try out a dessert recipe you came across. You have some time to perfect it, while eating all the delicious food you can in the process!

Xmas Break To Do List: Volunteer

xmas break to do list
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Since you do have some extra time now, why not donate some to volunteering? This is a great thing to do over Christmas break with your friends, while super rewarding, too. Find an organization or event you’re passionate about, and become a volunteer effortlessly. You can do this at a animal shelter, homeless or women and children’s shelter, or any other way to help someone in need.

Xmas Break To Do List: Redo Your Room

Xmas break to do list
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Have you’ve been wanting to redo your room but never had the time to do it? Well, now you have plenty of it! A Christmas break activity you can do is finally redoing your room. Rearrange your furniture or buy new ones, paint the walls a different color, and put up new decorations. You can also reinvent your space by throwing out old things, going through your closet or dressers, and cleaning everything up.

Xmas Break To Do List: Sled/Snowboard/Ski

xmas break to do list
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Once you got everything you wanted to done and you’re still up for some adventure, then do this winter break activity. It is winter time after all, so you should enjoy it by getting out there in the cold and fresh air. Have fun on your time off by sledding, snowboarding, or skiing locally or at a resort. It’s great to not be on a time schedule and to be free!

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