Top Last Minute Travel Tips

So Spring Break is coming up and you don’t have any plans yet? Or maybe you’re much more of a go with the flow person and you’re always ready for a new adventure. Sometimes, it’s good to be spontaneous! Last minute travel often means good deals – but can also mean a lot of stress! Here are some of our favorite Top Last Minute Travel Tips for how to plan a last minute trip, whether it be for this weekend, in a few weeks or a few months.

Always have A Passport Ready


If you don’t have a Passport and you’re even thinking about going on a trip anytime soon, go get your passport right now. They can take forever to process. It won’t expire for a while and you’ll always be ready to go! Then go shopping for a cute passport cover!

Finding Flights


Now keep in mind, everyone has their own opinions about when to book a trip, usually including elaborate formulas (3pm on Tuesday 6 weeks before your trip in incognito mode?!) but whether or not these may be true, always make sure you do some research before you book – make sure the flight is legit and read any and all reviews of the company.

That being said, I’ve found success with the company Student Universe. For planning a trip at any point, I’ve found great deals (& they cater to students and young people!) Example: I booked a flight from NYC to Milan for $279 … when I went on the airline’s direct website and searched my flight, it was up to $2,359. Check out apps and websites like Kayak, Last Minute Travel and Travel Zoo for more offers. Actually last minute as in like leave today? Try contacting an airline directly for great deals on open seats.

Be Open to Traveling Anywhere


Typical and popular destinations like Miami Beach and Cancun for spring break and Rome, Italy in June are more expensive and crowded – thus more in demand! Look into lesser known locations (but keep safety in mind!) but still interesting places – check out the Dominican Republic (I’m a huge fan of Punta Cana!) or any island in the Caribbean. Specifically for spring break alternatives, look into Nashville, TN, Austin, TX, Boston, MA or San Francisco, CA.

Research Your Destination


I know, I said last minute travel. But take a few minutes to research where you’re going – start thinking of places you’ll want to see and things you’ll want to do, and if you can book them ahead a time – it’s almost always cheaper! If you’re going to Rome, book the Coloessum ahead of time so you can avoid an extremely long line. Travel Zoo is a good website for must see places.

Next, look up local customs, tipping policies and dressing policies – on many resorts in the Caribbean men have to wear pants to dinner. In France, typically a 15% tip is included on the bill. Take 15 minutes, do some research so you know what to expect.


Packing Suitcase Travel Faviana


Sazan Hendrix of

Finally, it’s time to pack! I cannot stress this enough, but leave yourself a good amount of time to pack. Research the weather and plan out what you will need ahead of time based on your destination. Look up packing guides and lists for suggestions. Setting everything out before you pack is a good way to see what you’re taking and helps you narrow things down and pack lighter! Also, now is a good time to use all those beauty samples you’ve been collecting.

So, where do you plan to go? Are you planning a spring break trip or a trip for after graduation? Maybe you’re planning a girls trip or weekend trip!  Tell us and tag us in your travel pictures  on our blog’s Instagram @glamandgowns, Faviana’s Instagram @Faviana_NY & Twitter @FavianaNY.




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