The Perfect Headpieces for Prom

After choosing your prom dress, it’s time to choose your prom accessories. From your clutch to your jewelry and makeup, you can’t forget about your hair. Whether you picked your hairstyle already or not, there’s always room for a finishing touch. Make sure to take into consideration these perfect headpieces for prom!

Tiara Headpieces for Prom

tiara headpieces for prom
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If you’re dreaming of a fairytale night, then wear your hair like a princess! A glittering tiara provides the perfect addition to any gown. Add some sparkle and a crowning touch to a simple dress like Faviana Style S10012. To make the look more modern, pair this classic accessory with a tousled bun. Just make sure you wear the piece back on your hairstyle like a headband and not in the center front. This will prevent you looking like Queen Elizabeth wearing her crown!

Comb Headpieces for Prom

headpieces for prom
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Whether you’re going with loose curls or an updo, combs are an easy headpiece to add shine effortlessly. All you have to do is pair one with a prom dress such as Faviana Style S10022 and slide it right into your head. If you want some blossoms in your hair, then you can also find flower combs. These embellished beauties are made with an elegant fabric that won’t wilt. Plus, they easily clip into loose locks, too!

Flower Crown Headpieces

flower crown headpieces for prom
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If you want even more flowers around your head, then go with a flower crown. These showcase a natural element that’s both romantic and effortless all at once. You can match Faviana Style S10046 with these headpieces, or add a floral design to any solid dress. Wear your flower crown with an updo, braid, or down hairstyle. Whatever fits your gown, style, and personality!

Headband Headpieces

headpieces for prom
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Headbands may be great for pulling your hair back, but they’re also an amazing headpiece for prom. Especially if you get a crystal one, it will catch the light and complement any hairstyle. The best part is that they come in slim, statement, and thick designs along with different patterns. Wear one with Faviana Style S10055 and showcase the beautiful headpiece around your entire head!

Beaded Pin Headpieces

headpieces for prom
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Match the beaded neckline on Faviana Style S10099 with some beaded pins in your hair! These small pearls add a simple yet elegant appeal to any gown and hairstyle. All you have to do is stick the pins into your braid or updo, and it will stay in all night long. Just be sure to strategically place these subtle accessories for an even look. They may be the smallest headpiece to choose from, but they definitely still make a huge statement!

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