The Best Couples Costumes

With Halloween coming up, you not only have to plan a costume for yourself, but for your partner too. Couples Halloween costume ideas can be hard to come by and think of. You both want to look good, while still being creative and original. At Faviana, we researched the most popular couples costumes for you. Here are the best couples costumes to wear this Halloween!

Mermaid & Captain

Mermaid and captain Best 2017 Couples Costumes
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We’ve been obsessed with mermaid-everything this year. If you’ve always inspired to be a mermaid yourself, here is your chance! A great couples Halloween costume is dressing up as a mermaid and a captain. You get to wear your metallic outfit, decorated liberally with shells and jewels. Try out some mystical mermaid makeup while you’re at it for the full effect. Of course, every Ariel needs her prince charming. Have your partner wear a sailor-like costume to complete the look. You’ll definitely be the most beautiful creature he found at sea!

Woody & Jessie Couples Costumes

Woody and Jessie Best 2017 Couples Costumes
Photo Credit: Murdock Talks

We all love Toy Story, being a classic Pixar movie we’ll never forget. Though more films may not be made, that doesn’t mean the story can’t continue on. Grab your partner and dress up as Woody and Jessie! This is an adorable couples costumes, spinning off the classic cowboy and cowgirl match. It’s an easy DIY costume as well, pairing your button down shirts with jeans and boots. With a bandana for Woody and matching western hats, you’ll be the cutest couple on Halloween.

Cosmo & Wanda

cosmo and wanda Best 2017 Couples Costumes
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The nostalgic 90’s will be with us forever, including all our favorite TV shows. Here’s a couples costume idea straight from our childhood of Nickelodeon. Go as the perfect Fairly Odd Parents, Cosmo and Wanda. Both of you can show your goofy personalities, along with showing off your creativity skills. All pieces of this costume can be found in your closet, creating the crowns and wands out of construction paper. To be committed all the way, help each other use temporary hair dye in green and pink!

Deer & Hunter

Deer and hunter
Photo Credit: Popsugar

This couples Halloween costume is one for the books, and isn’t going away any time soon. If you haven’t tried this yet, dress up as a deer and hunter this season. You get to be an adorable animal you would have never thought of dressing up as (definitely better than a cat or bunny!). The focus of this costume is in your makeup skills, with the addition of ears and antlers. Your other half gets to be creative himself by rocking a lumberjack-look. Either way, you’ll be his favorite catch he ever hunted down!

Pineapple & Strawberry

Best 2017 Couples Costumes
Photo Credit: Halloween Costumes

Here’s another approach to a unique couples Halloween costume, but with your girlfriends. To be both creative and comfy, DIY and dress up as a pineapple and strawberry! All you need for this look is over-sized t-shirts, green headbands, and white converse (all staples in your closet anyways). You’ll be the happiest and most fruitful best friends there!

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