Temporary Hair Color for Halloween

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Halloween is right around the corner! Are you trying to dye your hair for Halloween, but afraid of damaging it? We have a bunch of techniques and secrets on how to dye your hair without worrying! Whether you want to improve your Halloween costume or just change your appearance, we have a few ways to change your look without damaging your hair and even better, without spending a lot of money.

Jell-O Hair Dye

The first technique consists of coloring your hair with powdered gelatin. Choose the shade that you want by looking at Jell-O’s fun color palette. Don’t worry! The gelatin color doesn’t last or damage your hair. As soon as you wash your hair, the colors will fade.

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Wash your hair with your normal shampoo and dry it with a towel until your hair feels damp. Wet hair tends to absorb the dye better than completely dry hair. Pour a packet of powdered gelatin in a bowl (you may need two packages if your hair is long). Then, squeeze a little conditioner in the bowl and mix it with the gelatin.

Next, apply the mixture to your hair, making sure that you are applying a relatively thick and even coat. Then, wrap your hair in plastic wrap or foil and let it process for about two hours to get a vibrant tone. After two hours, rinse your hair with cold water. Keep in mind that a little dye will be diluted, but not much.

Artistic Color Chalk Hair Dye

Another easy and damage-free hair dye technique is with artistic color chalks. You need at least one or two of each color. Select the colors that you like, and don’t forget to wear an old blouse since this can get a little messy!

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First, soak the chalk with a few drops of water for a few minutes. Then, section off the portion of hair that you would like to color, and isolate the rest. In my opinion, the smaller the hair section is, the easier the application will be. The idea of coloring with chalks is to paint a few hair sections or your hair tips. Therefore, if you plan to paint all of your hair, it might take you a long time.

Lastly, take the wet chalk and paint by rubbing it on your hair. If you decide to apply multiple tones, make sure that the previous section is thoroughly dry before starting the next section. This will prevent the colors from blending. After you complete the color application, you are able to brush your hair or use the blow dryer as you wish!

Customized Hair Extensions 

Another damage-free color option are hair clip extensions. There is no need to go to the store and buy some- we have instructions on how to make your own at home!


First, buy 100% natural hair in a light color, so the dye will stand out more. You can purchase the hair that already has clips attached to make things easier for you. Next, choose the hair dye color of your choice, and apply the color directly on the extensions. Let this process for 20-30 minutes. Lastly, simply clip the extensions in and you are done! A little tip… tease your hair before so the extensions stay in for a longer amount of time!

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