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Prom is right around the corner and the fabulous night is known to be very expensive. From dresses to hair and prom nails appointments to accessories, your wallet will be lighter than ever. While its easy to spend a lot on prom, we at Faviana have found some money-saving prom tips to help you out! 

Start thinking about fun ways to do it yourself. Do some ways to research doing your own hair – we have a ton of helpful blog posts and videos to help you out! You can also do your own makeup – and you can easily do your own prom nails!  Another good idea is researching how to make a corsage! Here are some of our favorite tips for saving money during prom!

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Prom dresses can vary from hundreds to thousands of dollars, but it can be easy to avoid spending that much money on a dress. There are many ways you can find a reasonably priced dress, but still look and feel your best at prom. 

Getting your dress early does not only guarantee you will find a dress you like, but also one that may be less expensive. Waiting until the last minute could result in having fewer dresses to choose from and then getting stuck with dresses that are out of budget. Why not try shopping in the off-season for your prom dress when you can find better deals on beautiful dresses!  Check out Faviana’s Best Time To Shop For A Prom Dress post for more information about why shopping early has it’s benefits.

Another way to avoid paying too much for a dress is to get it altered. If you find an inexpensive dress that you love but isn’t in your size, you can get it affordably altered at a local dry cleaner. This can help change the shape of the dress to fit better.  They always say that clothing that fits your body right looks more expensive, so buy a cheaper dress, have it altered to your measurements, and save money while looking like you spent a lot! 

Buying a dress that can be worn again in the future is also great way to “get what you paid for”. If you have any events coming up in the future, you can find a dress that will work for both prom and any other formal event. This way you will not spend too much on a dress you would only wear once. There are lots of ways to restyle and re-wear your prom dress and look amazing at an event after prom!



Another way prom can become very pricey is by scheduling prom nails, hair, and makeup appointments at expensive salons. There are plenty of ways to look stunning without having to empty your bank account. 

Instead of overpriced salons, you get ready at home with friends. Not only will it be more fun, but it will also cost you less. You can watch hair and makeup tutorials on YouTube and host a Prom-Prep Party a few nights before prom, where you can practice on friends in order to get it perfect for prom night. You can also host a manicure/pedicure breakfast party the morning of your prom with your friends, and do each other’s nails. Pro-tip:  use nails stickers for a quick and easy way to get mess-free prom nails.

If you’re looking to get a spray tan for prom, stay away from tanning salons as they can be extremely pricey depending on the treatment. Using a self-tanner is a simple alternative for getting that “sun-kissed” look. From self-tanning lotions to sprays, you can find what works best for you at any local drug-store. They work the same way as a spray-tan and give you equal results for half the price. Read through our DIY guide on how to self-tan and look like a Greek goddess.



The Odessey

There are many things to do after prom to keep the fun night going! After-prom activities are very popular but can also be very costly. Renting a house with friends for after prom can cost hundreds of dollars depending on size, location, and number of people. There are several other things you can do after prom with friends that are just as exciting as a prom house, and won’t crash your budget.

Having a post-prom bonfire at your home is a fun after prom idea, and a great way to hang out with friends and it costs next to nothing! You can all even pitch in a few dollars for snacks and drinks. Be sure to check your local fire permit regulations, grab some s’more supplies and you have a fun, cheap, stress-free night!

If you want to get away from your home after prom, another after prom idea is that you can plan a trip to a friend’s lake house or go camping, even better yet, glamping!  Just like a bonfire, it won’t cost much if everyone pitches in to help cover the essentials.

The Details


Some other pricey prom necessities are transportation and corsages and boutonnieres. Luckily, all of these have great and inexpensive substitutes!

Driving to prom with friends in a car you already own, instead of ordering a limo, is the perfect way to save money. You will get to prom either way, so why not take the cheaper way? Unless your prom is having a red carpet greet you as you get out of the car and valet parking, no one will be concerned with your mode of transportation! 

Skip the trip to a florist and instead go to a local grocery store to get your corsages and boutonnieres. A grocery store can create both, for less, and still make them look just as elegant as a florist would. Don’t forget that corsages and boutonnieres are mostly for pictures and prom poses before arrival at prom, so no need to splurge! You could also do some research and do a DIY corsage!

There are a ton of different alternatives to all you prom essentials that can save you a lot of money. Although it may seem hard to spend less and still look amazing, it can be done! Do you have tips for prom and saving money for prom? What are your after prom ideas? Show us by posting photos on Instagram and tagging our blog’s Instagram @glamandgowns, or Faviana’s Instagram @Faviana_NY and Twitter @FavianaNY!




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