How to Plan for your Graduation Party

Graduation season is upon us! I know seniors, you’re ready for it to be over with. Finals will be here soon enough and the walk across the stage for your final goodbye is about to become very real. So what does team Faviana suggest as a distraction? Throwing a killer Grad Party. So Class of 2016, what do you say? Want to know our must have tips to plan an unforgettable graduation party to mark a major milestone in your life? Well continue reading and you’ll get all the good stuff.

1. Establish a Budget

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This is an essential part of conquering your killer grad party. A budget must be established in order to proceed to the next steps. A budget will allow you to be able to choose a venue, catering, invitations, and the amount of people on the guest list. We suggest sitting down with your parents and deciding on a realistic budget. Make sure that the budget you establish does not exceed the money you will receive as gifts from your guests (Yes, it’s for the memories but, it’s also for a little extra cushion for your future life endeavors). Once the budget is established, proceed to make a list of priorities. For example, if catering is most important then you will spend most of the money on that, so that will go on top of your list. If invitations are not so important to you, then those will go on the bottom of the list, and so on.

2. Pick a Theme

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Every great party deserves an interesting theme. Your graduation party should reflect your personality and style! The typical graduation themes are: Reach for the Stars, The Road Ahead, Looking Back, etc. All these themes are motivational and can be decorated beautifully with stars, road maps, and old pictures. However, if you wish the party to have a more specific theme you could have it reflect your hobbies or studies. Examples of themes include: Armed Forces or ROTC, with this theme you could decorate using camouflage print; ballet, with this theme you could decorate using tulle in place of tablecloths; and cars, with this theme you could decorate using road maps and toy cars. The possibilities are endless!

3. Choose a LocationHow to Plan for your Graduation Party | Venue| Faviana

Based on your budget, choose a location that will best fit your theme and, of course, your budget. If you have a larger budget, research venues near your home. Make sure that you book the venue in advance since June is a busy season for graduations and weddings. If you have a smaller budget, opt for holding your celebration at home or at a relative’s home. This will keep the budget on a smaller scale and allow other parts of the budget to be saved on other things such as a cotton candy machine. Yum. Keep in mind if you wish to hold your party at home that you take into consideration the following expenses: tables, chairs, and tents if you wish to hold the celebration outdoors. Parks are a great option too; just make sure you don’t need a permit first! Also, be sure that your location is large enough for your all your guests to be accommodated.

4. Food and DrinkHow to Plan for your Graduation Party | Food| Faviana

Choose food that will appeal to the greatest amount of people on your guest list. If you have a larger budget, opt for contracting a catering service. Having your party catered will keep you at ease and free to mingle with all your guests. If you have a smaller budget and wish to cook the food yourself, make sure you purchase enough food to feed all of your guests. For dessert, the typical choice is to go with a delicious cake that says “Congratulations Grad!” However, many people decide to forgo the cake and create delicious, little cupcakes for their guests. The cupcakes are also part of the decoration on the table, which are Instagram worthy! Choosing drinks is just as important as choosing your menu. Opt for drinks that compliment the food on your menu, but remember to also have water available.

5. InvitationsHow to Plan for your Graduation Party | Invitations| Faviana

Every themed party deserves a great invitation to match. If it’s in your budget, have your invitations custom made; websites such as offer a variety of beautiful invitations you can customize. If you’re the artsy type, opt to make the invitations yourself. Take inspiration from Pinterest and head to your local Michael’s to create invitations that are unique and personal. If invitations are not a priority, then you could always send out electronic invites. allows you to send personalized invites electronically to your guests; it’s convenient and saves paper! If you wish for a more casual approach, make a Facebook event page and invite your guests. There is no right or wrong way to send invitations to your guests, and remember to keep your theme in mind when creating your invitations!

These five are the essentials to planning your perfect graduation party! Whether your budget is large or small, you can have the perfect graduation party that will be memorable for years to come. Just make sure you prioritize while planning, and above all, make sure you spend it with those you love. Spending your big day with loved ones is what will make this party even more enjoyable!

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Congratulations Class of 2016!


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