Find the Best Christmas Gift for Your Friends

Friends are there for you through everything, so they deserve the best Christmas gifts from you. There’s no better way to show your love and appreciation for them than through a meaningful gift that doesn’t cost much either. If you’re stuck on what to get someone, don’t worry! We compiled a list of the best Christmas gift for your friends!

Best Christmas Gift for Your Friends: Unicorn Tray

Best Christmas Gift for Your Friends
Photo Credit: Forever 21

A unicorn jewelry tray is the perfect Christmas gift for friends who have an unicorn obsession! They’ll go crazy over this adorable present from you, and definitely put it to great use. She can organize her rings by placing them on the unicorn’s horn and surrounding it’s body. The tray can also be used for other jewelry they may have lying around. She’ll be grateful to have this decoration in their room, and your wallets will be grateful that this is only $6 at Forever 21!

Best Christmas Gift for Your Friends: Mermaid Brushes

Best Christmas Gift for Your Friends
Photo Credit: Forever 21

Another Forever 21 favorite, mermaid makeup brushes are another great Christmas gift idea for friends. They’re bound to have basic makeup brushes already, but not like these! This cosmetic makeup brush set have white brushes and blue, green, purple ombre handles. It includes a powder brush, angled brush, eyebrow brush, and eyeshadow brushes so your friend can complete a full face of makeup with this irresistible set! Even greater news, they’re only $12.

Best Christmas Gift for Your Friends: Flower Balm

best christmas gift for your friends
Photo Credit: Forever 21

Going along with the makeup theme, it’s time to get your friend a gift she’s been dying to try. Purchase the Winky Lux Flower Balm as a Christmas present for friends, and they’ll never go back to another lip product. This lip balm stain applies on clear, and then reacts with your skin’s pH levels to create the perfect shade of pink lips just for you! How cool is that? Not to mention, it’s coconut scented, and perfect to wear every day. Get it at Forever 21 for $14.

Best Christmas Gift for Your Friends: Metallic Case

best christmas gift for friends
Photo Credit: Urban Outfitters

Especially if you know someone who’s serious about money management, or just has an unorganized purse, purchase this metallic card case. This Christmas present for friends will keep their daily essentials organized with a picture window and slots for cards, fitting perfectly into any bag or pocket. Not only will they enjoy the use of the card case, but the beautiful rose gold color! It is sold exclusively at Urban Outfitters for $10.

Best Christmas Gift for Your Friends: Fidget Cube

Best Christmas Gift for Your Friends
Photo Credit: Urban Outfitters

This is the perfect Christmas gift idea for friends who fidget or procrastinate. The fidget cube encourages productivity by refocusing your mind and playing with each of the 6 sides. Your friends can spin, roll, breathe, glide, flip, and click all day long in a totally silent and discreet way. They’ll become addicted instantly, so you can’t go wrong with this Christmas present. Plus, they also sell it at Urban Outfitters for only $10.

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