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My name is Brooke Ashlynn Miller and this is my experience as Faviana’s Brand Ambassador, Miss Faviana, and Faviana Runway Model

It all started with an intense search for the perfect prom dress. I scoured hundreds of pictures on the Internet until I found it. There it was, stunning Faviana style 7331 in head to toe black sequins! I was lucky enough to find it in a shop not too far from my home. The dress was so glamorous, wearing it made me feel like a star on prom night.

faviana dream

Me wearing my stunning Faviana style 7331

Due to my new and overwhelming love of Faviana’s designs and quality, I became a fan and started following them on social media. I saw that they were conducting a model search, and since that was a recent ambition of mine, I entered it. Although I was one of their finalists, I wasn’t chosen. A month or so later, I was contacted by Faviana and asked to be one of their Brand Ambassadors. There were about fifty girls, one on average from each state. The goal was to help Faviana market their brand through social media. I gladly accepted the offer and was thrilled to share my love of Faviana with others! Although it was on a volunteer basis, I was dedicated and worked hard to be the best Faviana Brand Ambassador I could be. I believe that a good Brand Ambassador is a reflection and representation of their company. I was taught that whatever tasks I take on, to do them with a strength of character that reflects grace, confidence, and a cheerful attitude. After almost a year of representing Faviana in this way, I was chosen as their Top Brand Ambassador! I was truly blessed! They awarded me with a gorgeous new Faviana dress and an all expense paid trip to Atlanta, Georgia for their 2016 collection release and runway shows!

faviana runway

Of course I was ecstatic. It was like a dream come true to finally meet the Faviana Team in person and see their entire dress collection up close! This was a ticket right into fashion paradise! The America’s Mart Annual Fashion Conference in Atlanta is where the top designers showcase their next year’s line to their buyers from all around the world! Faviana was a headliner for the floors dedicated to the World of Prom and Social Occasions. Finally, Tuesday August 4th had arrived and I was on a plane from Los Angeles to Atlanta for a week I will never forget!

After a long day of travel, I caught a cab and headed straight for the America’s Mart building where the Faviana Showroom was on the tenth floor. The architecture of the place was breathtaking. The interior center was an open-air cathedral style. One could view each floor’s balcony across and around in a circular pattern from top to bottom. The elevators glowed with pink lighting and could be viewed from the interior as well. This was a great place to host such an amazing event!

 america's mart faviana

America’s Mart Building in Atlanta, Ga.

Upon arrival at the Faviana Showroom, the entire Faviana Team came over to greet me. First there was Melissa Hayes, Faviana’s Director of Operations. She was awesome at organizing so much throughout the event and I’m glad she was there to guide me!  Next, Howard Wasserman, a Faviana sales guru with a great sense of humor came up and said “Brooke! My Facebook Friend! Great to finally meet you!” It felt awesome after supporting each other in our work and love for Faviana to finally meet in person! I had the same feeling meeting Daisy Pazzaglini, Faviana’s International Account Executive. We had been supporting each other for months on social media and she is wonderful. Then Omid Moradi, Faviana CEO and his brother Navid Moradi, Faviana COO, greeted me with a warm enthusiasm. These amazing and polished gentlemen were so friendly, gracious, and generous the entire week I was there.

I can’t express enough how at-home they made me feel. Along with their family, they  included me in the Faviana Team and in everything that was being accomplished for the week. I met Paul & Shala Moradi, the Founders, Owners, & Head Designer of Faviana, respectively. I was in awe! Shala Moradi is an elegant and classy woman whose designs are spectacular! Her husband Paul is a polished gentleman and just as generous as his sons. Together they have created a beautiful family and company! I was also introduced to their beautiful granddaughter Amy. She is really sweet and amazingly smart like the rest of her family. She was working with the rest of the team doing anything and everything to ensure a successful week.  I met Bernie Weiss, a really nice eighty-nine years young man and important part of their sales team. It was also great to meet Ilana Izsak from sales. She is very smart, fun to talk with, and gives great advice! Then there was Bruce Blaustein who is head of sales and just an all around great guy! I had to wait until the next day to meet my mentor, Devin VanderMaas, Faviana’s Marketing Director.  She had been coaching me through my duties as a Brand Ambassador and it was so great to finally meet her in person. She is a very beautiful, sweet, smart, and polished woman that I’m grateful to have had the pleasure to work with.

faviana brooke

Top left Amy, middle Devin, top right Noelle,  bottom left Paul & Shala, bottom right Omid & Navid.

After taking some time to talk with everyone, Amy showed me the new 2016 collection that was going to be revealed in the fashion shows over the next five days! The dress designs were fantastic! They were sophisticated yet sexy, classic yet trendy. All of my favorite styles were represented in the line. There were form fitting, long and sleek designs to gorgeous full skirt ball gowns. There were 2-piece crop top gowns and even hot new jumpsuits!

red dress faviana

Amazing new formal jumpsuits and 2-piece jewled crop top gowns!

As Faviana’s Brand Ambassador, they wanted to highlight me as a special part of their team, and so made me Miss Faviana! They made me a special sash that I proudly wore throughout the week. As Miss Faviana, I greeted and socialized with the buyers and attendees of the shows. I was also asked to walk the runway for each show as Miss Faviana. The beautiful Noelle Freeman, former Miss California 2011, MC’d the shows and talked a little bit about me as their Brand Ambassador. This was super exciting because they had brought a different gorgeous Faviana gown for me to wear each day!

 miss faviana

The second day was the start of the fashion shows and all the excitement and hoopla that went with it. It was surreal to be there! I was in heaven listening to the pumping music with all the spotlights on the shiny white runway, and the purple lighting in the showroom bouncing off of the dazzling white chandeliers. Faviana had the classiest looking showroom that I saw there; it was absolutely stunning! Then, the models coming down the runway in Faviana’s new 2016 collection were pure perfection! Finally,  it was time for me to walk down the runway as Miss Faviana, and I loved every second of it; it was so much fun!

runway show faviana

After a full ten-hour day with five shows, a delicious daily luncheon buffet, and chatting with Faviana’s amazing clients, the Moradi family invited me to attend the “Buyer’s Choice” awards banquet with them! They really made an effort to include me and made me feel special. After having fun at the banquet and casino night with the Moradi’s, I walked the three blocks back to the ritzy Atlanta Marriott Marquis hotel that Faviana had booked for me. I settled in for a good nights sleep, but not before posting the day’s highlights on my social media! 😉

IPA’s Buyers Choice Awards
buyers choice faviana

Waking up at 6:30am Atlanta time everyday felt like my Pacific time of 3:30am! It was extremely exhausting but I was determined to stick it out for the six-day trip, as this was a chance that most don’t often get. Upon arriving at the showroom on day two of the shows, Omid told me that I did a great job on the runway the day before. He asked if I would like to wear each of the four dresses that they had brought for me in each show for the rest of the week. I, of course, said yes even though I had missed the model rehearsal the day before I arrived in Atlanta. I did have one previous modeling job with runway experience, so I felt I could do it!I was honestly having the best time experiencing both worlds, chatting with the clients as Miss Faviana Brand Ambassador and walking the runway as a Faviana Model! Could it get any better than that? I thought it wouldn’t, but it actually did!!!

    On the morning of day three, one of the models had to leave due to illness, another due to a prior commitment, and another sprained her ankle. Although Faviana brought in a few new models, the toll of the five shows was exhausting. All the models were supposed to fit into the sample size dresses brought to model the shows in. I offered to wear more of the dresses in the show that my smaller size could fit into by using a special clip. I wanted to help relieve the models and wear more of the gorgeous dresses down the runway! Omid again thought I did a great job the day prior and said yes to me modeling any of the dresses I could fit into for the remainder of the week! Can I just tell you how beyond excited I was!! The experience I was gaining was invaluable and so much fun! However, I soon learned from the other models how grueling of a toll it takes on your body! It’s almost two weeks later now and I’m just starting to get feeling back in two of my toes! The girls showed me how to wrap my feet to try and avoid blisters, and how to soak them in hot water then ice them before bed each night. Even with that regimen, my feet were still totally swollen and partially numb! It was all worth it though, because Atlanta was such an amazing experience! I was also very fortunate to meet such a wonderful group of lovely ladies who were so sweet and helpful to me on top of being such amazing runway models. Day three was over and I was on top of the world after having a blast modeling all those spectacular dresses! My mom had flown in too and we went to dinner to celebrate the conclusion of such a joyous day!

faviana models



   brooke model faviana

Day four of the shows went smoothly just like day three. Another fun filled day of modeling and meeting and chatting with clients and the Faviana Team.  


The fifth and final day of shows for Faviana was the sixth day of my trip. It was time to head back home to Los Angeles. Before departing, I still had several shows to model, and a special  “Bubbles & Brunch” blogger event I had to attend as Miss Faviana. I met so many very nice people that have great fashion blogs!


    During the week, I continued to meet and chat with many of Faviana’s clients from around the country and many of them asked to have their picture taken with Miss Faviana.

faviana team

With Faviana’s Team members and a few of their clients

It was really heartwarming to know what a good relationship Faviana has with their clients. Faviana is truly a team lead by an extraordinary family who instills a familial atmosphere upon their whole team. Team Faviana brought me into their family this week, and I will remember my time in Atlanta with them for the rest of my life. As I was saying my goodbyes, the Faviana Team bestowed even more thank you gifts upon me, and I feel beyond grateful and blessed to have met each and every one of them!!!  

plane believe faviana

On the plane going home to Los Angeles. BELIEVE!!!

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