Cute Thanksgiving Gift Baskets

Nothing says thank you after dinner than a cute Thanksgiving gift baskets. This is a great, unique gift to give to the hosts of the holiday. Thanksgiving is meant to bring family and friends together, and you want to show your gratitude and appreciation in the most thoughtful (and stylish!) way. The best part is, if you don’t have the time, you can easily create a Thanksgiving gift basket on your own, which actually makes it even more special. Here at Faviana, we recommend these cute Thanksgiving gift basket ideas!

Cute Thanksgiving Gift Baskets: Seasonal Drinks

Cute Thanksgiving Gift Baskets
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No matter who is hosting Thanksgiving, they’re bound to be a coffee or tea drinker. An amazing Thanksgiving gift idea is filling a basket with their favorite drink! Look for seasonal coffee or tea beans and flavored creamers to fit in with the fall season. Make sure to add in paper hot cups or cute mugs for them to drink out of. If they aren’t a fan of caffeine, there’s always other options. Purchase some delicious hot chocolate or apple cider, and they’ll be just as grateful and warm!

Cute Thanksgiving Gift Baskets: Fresh Food

Cute thanksgiving gift baskets
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Who doesn’t love some baked goods? A heart-warming Thanksgiving gift is baking a cake or fresh cookies for your host. They can use this as dessert for the whole table, giving them a break from cooking and one less worry on the holiday. In addition to desserts, you can also supply them with candies to put out on the table, or keep for themselves! Stick with what’s in season, such as chocolates, caramels, apple candies, and candy corn. If you want to fill a Thanksgiving basket just for the household, pack high-quality and healthy snacks such as cheese, fruits, crackers, nuts, and cranberry jelly.

Cute Thanksgiving Gift Baskets: Fall Decorations

cute thanksgiving gift baskets
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Thanksgiving is the first major event in fall where households will have the most guests in their homes. Therefore, nothing spreads more fall spirit and holiday cheer than handing over some fall-inspired decorations. This seasonal decor can be anything from decorated pumpkins and flowers, to scarecrows and pinecones. The hosts will certainly love anything you make or buy, putting it up for display on their table or home for everyone to see.

Cute Thanksgiving Gift Baskets: Scented Candles

cute thanksgiving gift baskets
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Lastly, a Thanksgiving gift idea you could never go wrong with are fall-scented candles. These are a necessity for Thanksgiving, along with upcoming holidays. Fill a Thanksgiving gift  basket with your scented candles, making sure to balance the weight as you fill it. Try to also look for an interesting basket to put your gifts in, and give it extra style by filling in the holes with sunflowers, leaves, or acorns. Finally, wrap it cute with a thick bow and a heartwarming message, and your Thanksgiving gift baskets are ready to go!

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