Advice From a College Girl

Whether you are just about to start college, or are just wrapping up another year as a college student, there is always something new to learn. College is such an amazing experience, with new found independence and endless opportunities to challenge yourself. Here at Faviana we came together to come up with a few tips for surviving and thriving in college. This is our tips in: Advice From a College Girl!

Challenge Yourself

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College is an entirely blank slate for everyone, high school is behind you and it’s time to be the person you want to be! Challenge yourself to be your best self, and take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. Look for an internship in a field you’re interested in, and see if it is something you could see yourself doing.

Try Something New

Join a club, chat with the cool girl in the gym, or take up a new hobby. This is the first time in many of our lives that the choice is yours, so put yourself out there. Set aside time to learn a new skill, or finally go to the gym that you’ve walked by 100 times. This is also the time to step out of your comfort zone! Even if that means rocking a crazy pair of shoes, this is the perfect time to try something new.

Maintain Your Friendships

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College is crazy and chaotic, but don’t forget about your pals at home. Set aside time to catch up with your family and friends who aren’t at school with you. These are the people who can always rely on, so don’t forget to make some time for them. Even just a phone call once a week is great for catching up and staying in touch.

Work Hard College Girl

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it is so easy to slack off in college. Give yourself (and your wallet) the respect you deserve and put your best effort into the next four years! Work hard in your classes, do your homework, and put your best work forward. Go to your classes unless you’re actually sick, because you get what you put into your college education – don’t sell yourself short! Get in the habit of making to do lists and keep yourself on a calendar so things don’t get missed. Use your phone to remind you of deadlines and assignments as well!

Take Care Of Yourself

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This is absolutely essential to having a great four years in college. It is a delicate balance between school, working, friendships, studying, sports and so much more, but taking care of yourself physically and mentally has to be a priority. Even if that means just taking 5 minutes a day to have a cup of coffee and relax, make sure that your health is not over shadowed by crazy college life.

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