10 Fun Facts About Weddings

Wedding have always been a monumental moment for many generation, no matter the cultural background, no matter the traditions or the location. Faviana wanted to give you some fun facts about weddings that will definitely have you intrigued.

Here is Faviana’s 10 Fun Facts About Weddings

  1. Brides Don’t Have To Change Their Last Names

10 Fun Facts About Weddings

That’s right, there is no law or religious dictate that states that brides have to take their groom’s last name. Even though this is true, around 70% of Americans agree the bride should change her last name.

  1. Pearls Are Bad Luck

10 Fun Facts About Weddings

This prized gem is known to be back luck for an engagement ring. It’s been said because, the shape echoes that of a tear.

  1. Seven tons of gold are made into wedding rings each year.

10 Fun Facts About Weddings

The United States has the jewelry industry popping with all the wedding that are happening. Seven tons of gold is no joke.

  1. Right Finger = Love Line

10 Fun Facts About Weddings

There is a reason behind the naming of your “ring finger.” Engagement rings and wedding bands have said to be worn on your fourth finger, left hand, because it was thought that there was a direct vein from that finger to your heart.

  1. Bridesmaid dresses are good luck

10 Fun Facts About Weddings

Matching bridesmaid dresses date back to a Roman times tradition. People believed that evil spirits would try and attend the wedding in attempts to curse the bring and groom. Bridesmaids were required to wear matching dresses, along with the bride to confuse the spirits and to bring good luck.

  1. The earliest engagement rings was given to a two year old.

10 Fun Facts About Weddings

Crazy right?! To history’s knowledge, one of the earliest engagement rings was gifted to Princess Mary, daughter of Henry VIII, at the age of two.  

  1. On Grace Kelly’s wedding day, she rocked 125- year-old lace.

10 Fun Facts About Weddings

Lets talk about #Fancy. Grace’s wedding dress was as beautiful as she was, with 125-year old lace around the bodice of her wedding dress. This princess won’t just be taking home the title, she will be taking home a wedding luxury that many will talk about for years to come.

  1. Jackie O decided pink silk faille and red satin gowns for her bridesmaid

10 Fun Facts About Weddings

Leave it up to Jackie Kennedy to not only make herself look absolutely stunning on her special day but also, her bridesmaids. Jackie decided on a pink silk faille and red satin gowns created by African-American designer Ann Lowe

  1. The Top 10 “ First Dance” songs in the U.S. consist of

10 Fun Facts About Weddings

  1. “The Way You Look Tonight”
  2. “Just the Way You Are”
  3. “Come Away with Me”
  4. “Unforgettable”
  5. “Wonderful Tonight”
  6. “From This Moment On”
  7. “This I Promise You”
  8. “Thank You For Loving Me”
  9. “Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”
  10. “All I Ask of You.”


  1.  Flower girls throw flower petals for the bride to have a sweet and plentiful future.

10 Fun Facts About Weddings

How sweet! It’s been tradition for centuries for flower girls to throw petals on the bride’s path to lead her to a sweet and plentiful future.

We hope you enjoyed these fun facts about weddings. If we missed any or you would love to share one, comment below or share it with us on social media:@Faviana_NY@FavianaNY






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