Skin Is In

There’s nothing like a bikini that bares it all in the summertime, when all we’re concerned with is our beach novel and getting a nice tan.  But when the sun goes down, it becomes time to retire our two-pieces for the night, and put on something with a little more coverage.  Depending on where the night’s events might take you, anything from short shorts to a cute dress will do.  When we get dressed up in the summer, though, it’s fun to channel our seasonal beachwear by wearing pieces that show a little skin.  Low-cut backs show off your shoulders and cut-outs create a sexy silhouette.  Anything from a halter neckline to a thigh-high slit lets a look go from just pretty to all-out glam.  A strapless dress calls attention to the neck-chest area – and it’s a simple cut that appears on so many different types of dresses.

What’s appealing about party dresses and gowns with skin-revealing details is that they can be appropriate for all seasons.   So even in the midst of autumn, we can recall our beach days by showing a hint of what’s left of our summer tan.  The key to rocking these revealing pieces is confidence – it’s what keeps these dresses looking classy and glamorous.  There’s certainly a fine line between showing off your favorite features and just showing a little too much, so the key is finding a dress that’s right for your body and fits your personal style.  Bikini season might come to an end at some point – and all too fast – but whether it becomes rainy, snowy, sunny, windy, or a mixture of the four, there’s no doubt that skin is always in.

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