How to Shop for a Prom Dress

It sounds simple: go to store, pick out dress, try on said dress, admire how freaking fabulous you look, hand over credit card, go home with a garment bag bursting with glamorous goodness. Stop right there, young lady. Prom dress shopping is not that simple. (However, it’s not that hard either.) Whether you’re looking for a little black dress or a red carpet gown, here are some tips to make prom dress shopping as pleasurable as possible.

Pick one and stick with it!

Perhaps it’s the internet’s fault or maybe we’re a nation of ADHD afflicted, but whether you’re looking for a formal dress or a fantastic man, it can always seem like something/someone better might be lurking around the next corner. Alba Vazquez, manager of Dimitra Designs in Greenville, SC says this is the biggest mistake she sees girls making. “They go around to every store, trying on every dress, when what they should do is stick with one place when they find a dress they love,” she says. “But so often they second-guess themselves and by the time they come back to buy the dress they fell in love with, it’s unavailable in their size or preferred color.

Source: TV Worth Watching

Leave your boyfriend at home

You may think your date’s opinion is more important than anyone else’s, but Betty Scott, of Formals XO in Langhorne, PA advises, “come with your mother—never your boyfriend. This is a place for women, and the other girls don’t want to be ogled by your boyfriend.” Scott has seen plenty of arguments start this way and is adamant: “Just bring your mother!”

Source: Buzzfeed

Beware the internet

Online shopping is great for many things—books, groceries, and even computers. But formal gowns? No. Vazquez reminds shoppers, “when you order online, you don’t know what you’re getting.” Her store offers alterations and she says, “we measure you, so you can see how it’s going to fit your body.” It’s not like you can return a dress to China to have the waist nipped. Fabrics are also notoriously often bait-and-switched. “You just don’t know what you’re going to get,” she said firmly.

Source: Globetrotting Texan

This is going to sound like a no-brainer. . .

. . . but wear tights or socks—something, anything, covering your feet. Betty Scott laughingly pleaded into the phone, “DO NOT WEAR UGGS!” Apparently not only are these boots unattractive, girls often wear them barefoot. “They smell so bad,” Scott laughed. “Please girls, at least wear some socks!”

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