Monthly Archives: February 2013

Miss Pop’s Major Mani’s

Credit: All you had to do was witness the “mani-cam” at this year’s Academy Awards to know that suddenly, nail art is white hot. And it’s no longer just a pink or blush nail, with maybe a French tip—it’s … Continue reading

Dressing the Academy Awards Best Actress Nominees

This year’s best actress nominees range in age from nine (though Quevenzhané Wallis Was only six when she made the film) to 86, so we’re expecting a range of dresses to range from sweet to sexy to classic Hollywood glam. … Continue reading

Faviana Dresses Academy Award Nominees

After the pre-show red carpet extravaganza, the actual Academy Awards ceremony can seem like a bit of a letdown. So instead of taking bets on who’ll win, we’re going to give the nominees for best supporting actress some fashion advice. … Continue reading

Four essentials for a flawless Valentine’s Day

Despite what you all the schlocky commercials might lead you to believe, a romantic partner is not key to having a fun day of love. True, it’s nice to get a smooch from someone who makes your heart leap out … Continue reading

Ashley Benson Guest Blog: If I were going to Prom…..

If I were going to Prom… Love all my Benzos and living vicariously through you!  Prom season is approaching and I can’t wait see your awesome style and how amaze you all looked in your Faviana dresses. There is so … Continue reading

Asking a Guy to Prom: A How-To Guide

When Irish chanteuse Tara O’Grady was in high school, she was saddened to discover that prom was looming without a date in sight. “I asked five guys,” she says. “All said no.” She finally convinced a friend of a friend … Continue reading

Do you have what it takes to become the face of Faviana?

Are you fearless when it comes to fashion? Are your friends always asking you what they should wear? If so, maybe you have what it takes to become the Face of Faviana. You can join the ranks with Ashley Benson, … Continue reading