Monthly Archives: June 2011

Skin Is In

There’s nothing like a bikini that bares it all in the summertime, when all we’re concerned with is our beach novel and getting a nice tan.  But when the sun goes down, it becomes time to retire our two-pieces for … Continue reading

Summer Celebrations

When we think of summer…. bikinis, summer clothes, flip-flops and sunglasses are the things that come to mind.  Those pieces are key for enjoying a relaxing day at the beach, but when it comes time to celebrate a wedding during … Continue reading

The Finishing Touch

A little bling goes a long way, especially when it comes to parties.  Most of the time, it isn’t enough to pull a dress off the hanger and run out the door.  A dress is just one part of the … Continue reading

Underneath It All

Girls know that there’s more to wearing a dress than simply, well, slipping it on.  Sure, that works in the store when we’re just there to shop, but once it’s time to wear a dress to an event, things becomes … Continue reading