Faviana believes it is important to give back by helping women feel good about themselves and celebrate their lives; thus The Faviana Foundation was born. Designed to address womens’ issues, such as education, healthcare and awareness, career assistance and socio-economic inequality, Faviana is aiming to encourage, help, inspire and bring out the best in women across the country. In the upcoming year, Faviana plans to launch its own initiative,The Faviana Foundation, but in the meantime, Faviana is committed to working with one charity per month. Most recently Faviana has worked with the Revlon Run/Walk for Women,The Enchanted Closet, Becca’s Closet,The Kids in Need Foundation, Red Nose Day,The Father’s Heart, and Project G.L.A.M.


Faviana joined Revlon in the fight against Breast Cancer in 2004, and has continued to support the annual walk as a company. Fans and retailers are always welcomed to join in supporting this cause!


 The Enchanted Closet

Faviana’s mission is to “fulfill a woman’s dress up fantasy.” Enchanted Closet, started by one of Faviana’s elite retailers, allows Faviana the opportunity to accomplish this mission by providing dresses for those less fortunate.



 W Girls: Project G.L.A.M

Faviana believes every girl deserves to have her dream prom dress. We donate dresses to WGirls: Project G.L.A.M., an organization helping underprivileged girls live their prom fantasy.


 Red Nose Day

Red nose day is a campaign that uses comic relief to raise money to transform the lives of those in need. Faviana showed there passion and support by photographing the team in their vibrant red noses on May 21st, 2015.


Kids In Need 

Kids in Need is a foundation that provides free school supplies to students and teachers through a variety of resource centers. Through employee donations, we contribute by supporting higher education.



Fathers Heart Ministries 

Fathers Heart Ministries helps children and families by providing programs that include hunger prevention, tutoring, and mentoring. It was a truly heart warming experience for Faviana to contribute by volunteering at their after school services. 



Once Upon A Prom

Faviana and "Once Upon A Prom" recognize that Prom is a pivotal event in a girl's life. Students give back to their hometown by participating in six hours of community service and receive the gown of their dreams in return.




Faviana has donated to SADD which strives to provide the youth of America with the resources they need to lead healthy, happy, and empowered lives.