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How can I order a catalog?

Faviana catalogs are ONLY available through authorized retailers. Use our Store Locator for a complete listing of Faviana retailers, or check your local specialty store.


Where can I buy Faviana dresses?

Faviana dresses can be found at selected specialty stores, bridal stores, prom stores, and boutiques. Our Store Locator section will help find the closest Faviana retailer to your location. Faviana dresses cannot be purchased through the website or directly at our office. 


How can I order a Faviana dress that I saw in a magazine?

If you go to any Faviana retailer, they will, most likely, have the dress in stock. If the dress is not in stock, most stores can special order the dress for you (dependant on the store policy) with no problem. It is helpful to take a picture of the dress along with you to the store. Each store should have a copy of the Faviana catalog for you to view additional styles, if necessary.


If I wanted to special order a dress from a Faviana retailer, how long would it take to get to me?

When you are special ordering a dress, you will be given a delivery date. Most dresses can be shipped immediately after the order is placed and only take a few days to arrive. Delivery dates may depend on dress availability and your wear date.

Faviana has been rated #1 for customer satisfaction - So rest assured, you will receive your dress in plenty of time.