Paul Moradi – Founder & President

Paul Moradi is the founder of Faviana. His expertise lies in the areas of production and international distribution. Together with his family, he has created a brand with international distribution and notoriety. 

"I am proud to say that over the years we helped thousands of women throughout the world celebrate in confidence."


Shala Moradi - Creative Director

From the beginning Shala Moradi has been designing evening wear that caters to customers who value style and sophistication. She is known for being able to create the perfect dress for any occasion. Her designs speak to a variety of chic, trendy and fashion forward customers.

"Living in New York has inspired me to create designs that reflect the glamour and lifestyle of New York City."


Omid Moradi - CEO

Omid Moradi is focused on developing, managing, and growing Faviana. His expertise is in the area of sales, marketing, and public relations. He was responsible for bringing the celebrity partnerships that have taken Faviana to a new level. 

"Our mission is help women celebrate and feel good about themselve. Being a father of four girls inspires me to work harder every day to make this a reality for women who choose Faviana."


Navid Moradi - COO

Navid Moradi's resonsibilities are primarily directed on operational growth of the company. The growth of the management team, design and development are due to his efforts.

"We have a commitment to excellence on every level. We strive for this excellence by listening, respecting, and responding to the needs of our valued customers, associates and vendors."


Bruce Blaustein - Sales Director

Bruce Blaustein has an outstanding history in sales management of apparel firms. He is focused on growing Faviana's distribution in the United States and overseas. 

"Faviana's reputation as a trend setter with great customer service, has attracted some of the most talented people in the fashion industry, Faviana team members have a deep, enjoyable, rewarding time while, having a satisfying experience knowing that they are part of a tremendously successful team."