Yes! Our Favorite Shows are Back on the Air!

It’s been a long, hard holiday season with the demise of Gossip Girl and nearly every other series we love on hiatus. But we no longer have to resort to Netflix or reruns as we welcome back some of our faves.

Obviously, the show we’re most excited about is Pretty Little Liars. What looks do the girls have in store for us this season and, perhaps (slightly) more importantly, what will happen in Rosewood now that Mona’s back on the loose? Is she cured, like the doctors claim, or is more havoc on the horizon?

January 8, 8pm, ABC Family

Fires, accidents, infidelity, betrayal, and disability—90210 has it all, along with beautiful stars and fantastic fashions. The mid-season premiere will answer several pressing questions, like what’s up with Max and Naomi now that Alec is all up in Max’s business? Now that he’s cast off his crutches, are Dixon and Megan “on” for good or what? And what is up with Silver’s baby drama? Girl, just go to the sperm bank! Oh, and is Liam ever going to get outta that basement?

January 21, 9pm, CW

Who will win season 12 of American Idol? Who cares? We want to see a divalicious Mariah/Minaj throwdown! The two temperamental songstresses can barely hide their loathing for each other, which may make for an uncomfortable workplace, but translates into very fun TV. Host Ryan Seacrest better be wearing his referee shirt. Mr. Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban will also be judging this season, along with returning judge, Randy Jackson.

January 16 & 17, 8pm, FOX

Love it or hate it, there hasn’t been a cable show since Sex & the City that raised so much chatter and sooooo many opinions as Hannah Horvath and her Girls. The first season finale left us with many questions. Like, is Adam going to go total creeper? Will Shoshanna fall madly in love with her coffee man, played by the hilarious Alex Karpovsky? Actress Jemima Kirke was preggo IRL during the filming, will this storyline carry over into the series? And finally, will Marnie and Hannah ever make up? Can’t wait to find out!

January 13, 9pm, HBO

Guilty pleasure time: The Bachelor. This season gives us three bachelorettes with the same name (one spelled differently). Ashlee, Ashley H., and Ashley P. are three of 26 bachelorettes competing for the love of one man, a 29-year-old insurance agent from Dallas, Texas. You might be familiar with Bachelor Sean Lowe since Emily Maynard (aka “The Bachelorette,” season eight) dumped him so coldly after he’d professed his love. Well, Sean’s wounds have healed and he’s ready to find a new love. A weaker man might’ve given online dating a try or even attempted to pick up a girl in a bar, but Sean is hoping ABC can help him land the woman of his dreams.

January 7, 8pm, ABC

The only new show premiering mid-season is the hotly anticipated prequel to Sex & the City, The Carrie Diaries. Starring AnnaSophia Robb as the young Carrie Bradshaw, previews make it look to be every bit as glam as its big-sister show as Carrie navigates the ‘80s club scene and makes her mark in NYC. Cannot wait!

January 14, 8pm, CW


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