Wild About You

This week’s trend is one that I am admittedly scared of. I’m usually a pretty straight laced girl and my clothes generally reflect that but I am stepping out of my box and dragging you with me! We are going to embrace . . . print! Now for some of you maybe print doesn’t present the same challenge it does for me but for your next homecoming, prom, or special event think about sporting a look that people will go wild for!

First things first, it is absurdly easy to let animal print get out of hand so remember that wearing a gown that has any kind of print on it, whether it’s floral or animal, requires finesse in all other areas of the outfits. This of course includes shoes, accessories, hair and makeup so let the dress do all the talking and go for simplicity in the rest of your look. Thankfully Faviana knows how to do print right and here are just a few examples of how a good print can help you stand out from the crowd!

I am in love with Style number S6980, which uses animal print to subtly highlight the gorgeous jewel tones in the dress, this is the perfect compromise for those of us who just want to dip our toe in the animal print pool. For the daring fashionistas that are ready to dive in head first style number 6968 is the dress for you! This print is reminiscent of a water color painting and the beautiful open back is sure to draw eyes.

Not crazy about either of these? Be sure to look at www.faviana.com and let me know which print dresses make you say wow!


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