Why You have to find Your Prom Dress Now…


Why You Have To Find Your Prom Dress Now…


Finding your dress is undeniably the most exciting part of prom and with so many prom dresses to choose from, the process can be lengthy! If your prom is in May it may seem acceptable to start looking in April but here are five reasons you have to go shopping for your dress today!




1. Make sure you donʼt get locked out




Nobody wants to show up to their prom and realize some other girl is wearing the same dress! Everybody wants to be one of a kind on their special day which is why most prom stores will guarantee not to sell the dress you purchase to anyone attending the same prom. If you go shopping early youʼll get your style on lock and you donʼt have to worry about falling in love with a dress and being told “no”.


2. Size Matters

Even with the option of alterations youʼll want to buy a dress thatʼs as close to your actual size as possible. If you need a 6 but the store only has a 10, tailors may not be able to resize it to fit you. If you find our dream dress but itʼs the wrong size, the store will have plenty of time to order the correct size! Even if itʼs *gasp* backordered.    


3. Alterations

As you know dresses are made for a general type of body so getting alterations is a must. In order to look your best in your pictures, you have to make sure your dress fits your perfectlyAlterations can take some time depending on what you need done so getting a head start on them will eliminate that stress later!


4. You can perfect your look!

Finding your dress is only half the battle, next comes the shoes, jewelry, undergarments, etc. One of the biggest perks of buying early means you can bring it with you while you look for prom accessories! I canʼt stress enough how much guesswork this cuts out! That way youʼll be sure your heels donʼt make that cocktail dress look too short!


5. Bypass the rush

Last but not least, you wonʼt have to fight other girls who waited until the last minute to find their dress! Do you really want to wait in line for a dressing room or give the evil eye to a girl who gets too close to a dress you want to try on? While everyone is rushing around in a panic  you can relax on the weekend or help a girlfriend make her own last minute choice! 


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