White Out

White after Labor Day is a rather notorious fashion faux-pas…and frankly, it’s one that has been obeyed for a little too long.  Summer might be the season for breezy fabrics, light colors and lots of white, but who’s to say this bright yet neutral hue can’t carry over into the fall and winter months?  A recent trend in “white” clothing has been wearing it head-to-toe.  And sure, carrying that look over into the fall might dub you a little behind in terms of fashion, but it’s about time the no-white rule be abolished for good.

The early fall months still fluctuate between warm and cold (depending on where you live), and layering is key.  Use white in your everyday outfits to layer shirts and sweaters with trousers and jeans.  Those favorite flowy fabrics can certainly be used in the fall as we reminisce about summer, and prepare for the winter.  Winter whites made a huge impact last year, and that trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.  Instead of that summery white tissue-t, opt for a chunky knit sweater – it’s understated and chic, and can be paired with just about anything.  A structured white dress is an elegant choice for an evening affair, or even a fancy brunch.  As the season of snow sets in, translate your favorites from summer and make them fashionable year-round.  Play around with different textures and add fun accessories like hoop earrings and chunky cocktail rings.

So no, white jeans might not be the clothing item du jour in the dead of winter, but other white pieces will work wonders on your winter wardrobe. This hue can brighten up the dreariest of days, no matter what time of year it is, post-Labor Day included.


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