What type of fashionista are you?

So whether you are channeling your inner Jackie O, Jessica Simpson, Kim Kardashian, Audrey Hepburn, or Beyonce, there are styles and trends out there to fit every personality.

If you are more of a Classic clothing personality your style is tasteful and refined.  You tend to look at Jackie O, Angelina Jolie, Lauren Conrad, and Victoria Beckham for your fashion inspiration.  On a daily basis your wardrobe consists of neutral colors such as   black, gray, navy blue, beige, blush colors and clean straight lines in your clothing.   You prefer to show off your waist and not other body parts and wear clothing with a soft draping.   You keep it simple and classy and your favorite accessories are ballet flats, stud earrings, blazers, oversized sunglasses, and the perfect tote bag.   If you are feeling adventurous and want to branch out try adding some color to your wardrobe through your accessories.  Having an elegant and polished look is great, but make sure you don’t get caught in a rut and come off as too boring.  Try changing it up occasionally and add some twist and turns to your style.  Add a colorful scarf to your everyday outfit or some metal detailing on your ballet flats.

Jackie O and Lauren Conrad are not your style icons, instead you look to Jessica Simpson and Kim Kardashian, you are more of trendsetter than classic dresser.  You tend to be more adventurous, shop for new clothes consistently and purchase whatever catches your eye first.  You follow all of the fashion do’s and don’ts and know what is in style.  The trendy dresser is always glamorous and often feminine.  You see looks on the pages of a magazine and make them come to life.  Your closet doesn’t consist of the same things season after season, you are always rotating it.  What makes the perfect trendy girls outfit, how about platform sandals, leather leggings, animal print items, and skinny jeans in every color.  Try and define your style and add more regular classic pieces to a trendy wardrobe, it will help differentiate you from the pack.

Don’t think of yourself as either a trendy dresser or classic dresser, don’t worry there are a ton of other fashion personalities out there.  You could be a sporty dresser or urban dresser, maybe even a romantic.  Whatever your favorite looks are you are not alone, fashion is something every girl is trying to find her place in, and there is a place for everyone no matter what your personality is.


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