4 Ways to Have Great Hair


4 Ways to Have Great Hair


So I know all of you Faviana fashionistas have been hearing that you shouldn’t wash your hair everyday because it strips your hair of its natural oils. Well this is completely true! It can lead to dry damaged hair and more aggressive hair loss. I will admit that I was absolutely guilty of everyday washing at one point in my life, but we all want to have lots of hair when we get grey so here are some easy tricks to help you make your wash last longer!


1.  Dry Shampoo


I know I’ve said this before but I cannot express what an absolute lifesaver dry shampoo can be! I was initially hesitant to try this product but now I don’t know what I would do without it! Dry shampoo will make your greasy roots disappear and give your second day style tons of volume! I especially love this product for second day curls, usually by that point mine have loosened up a little and I end up with pretty voluminous waves!


2.  Get a Satin Pillow Case



It goes without saying that every girl deserves satin in her life, and while Faviana makes to-die-for satin cocktail dresses you should also look into buying a satin pillow case! This sounds absolutely insane but this specific fabric can help you sleep your way to glossier hair! It doesn’t rough your strands up while you’re sleeping which helps prevent breakage and wards away the tragic “bed head”.  


3. Rock an Up Do



While dry shampoo can save your style the next day an up-do helps you create a whole new look! It’s a well known fact that dirty hair styles better and a little natural oil will cut down your amount of baby hairs and fly aways! Btw, the “dirty hair styles better” rule is especially true for special occasions so before you slip on your Faviana prom dress make sure your hair is at least a day or two old so your style stays longer!


4. Switch Up Your Products



One of the biggest reasons girls feel the need to wash their hair every day is because they wake up greasy. But that’s not your fault! A lot of the “grease” is caused by product buildup in your hair. Use a clarifying shampoo to wash out some of your daily buildup and try to limit the amount of product you use. You’ll find that your hair becomes dirty far less often!


I hope these tips on how to make you wash last longer help protect your strands! Was this blog helpful? Like or share it on Facebook or Twitter! Faviana loves to hear from its fashion smart girls so if you ever have an idea for a blog post or would be interested in being a guest blogger contact us on Facebook or Twitter!


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