Underneath It All

Girls know that there’s more to wearing a dress than simply, well, slipping it on.  Sure, that works in the store when we’re just there to shop, but once it’s time to wear a dress to an event, things becomes slightly more complicated.  Bra straps stick out, panty lines show and sometimes the wrong underwear can even create a muffin-top effect.

We love to dress up, but the most fabulous of dresses can create big problems.  Delicate satin dresses show everything; backless dresses don’t allow for a normal bra; light-colored dresses become see-through with any color panties underneath.  Though the beauty of Faviana’s collections comes from unique cuts and styles, it can be hard to achieve a polished look with our comfortable everyday undergarments.  For halter, low-cut, and strapless styles, we need the undergarments that are a little more specialized, less comfortable and not at all prone to shifting.  Apparently, the more interesting the dress, the more “interesting” the undergarments.

Luckily for us, these days, it seems like lingerie companies have thought of just about everything.  There are sticky bras for backless dresses, strapless bras for strapless dresses, bras that have straps that can be wrapped and clipped in 100+ ways, panties that minimize visible lines, stockings with “control tops,” and spandex creations that just suck it all in.  Fabric tape is a lifesaver, too, with slinky dresses that drape dangerously low.

As uncomfortable as they might be, sometimes these bits and pieces help to give form-fitting gowns that sleek and refined look that women want.  It’s important to consider the undergarment issue when buying a dress – the last thing we want to do is discover that we don’t have the right bra to wear under a dress mere hours before it’s time to go to an event.  But as long as they exist in pretty much any and all lingerie stores, there’s no excuse for settling for pieces that give us panty-lines or reveal bra straps.  As weird looking as these things can be, there’s no doubt that they’re genius.  These tricky undergarments are discreet items that are undetectable but vital to help us look flawless and feel fabulous.


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