Top 4 Ways to Remix and Reuse Your Prom Dress


Top 4 Ways to Remix and Reuse

Your Prom Dress


For many of us prom is one of the happiest nights of our lives, filled with great friends, lots of dancing and of course, your fabulous Faviana prom dress! Lately we’ve been seeing a lot of girls tweeting something like this:





It’s so frustrating to fall in love with a dress but feel like you can only wear it once because you purchased it for a special occasion.  So we thought we’d give you a few ideas on ways to remix and reuse your prom dress so it doesn’t just hang in your closet!


4 . Halloween Costume


Green Prom Dress


Halloween is a great time to pull out your old prom dress! With a little ingenuity you can create a one of a kind costume out of an old dress like the poison ivy look we created from style 6428!


3. Guest of a wedding



I’ve reached that point in my life where I have friends getting married left and right and your prom dress is the perfect look for a black tie affair! Most fancy weddings call for floor length gowns and switching up your jewelry, hair, and shoes will bring a fresh new look to a dress you’ve worn before!


2. Casual Chic


Traditionally, long dresses call for pomp and circumstance but bringing your prom dress down to a casual level is easier than you can imagine! Try slipping another long skirt over your dress to wear it as a top or layering a chunky sweater and a statement necklace over your gown!


1. Make it a new dress



Cut it up. Does that sound crazy to you? It shouldn’t! I’ve made prom dresses into cocktail dresses just by getting them cut! Want to a top out of it? Go for it! Is the flowing skirt your favorite part? Then keep it! Just make sure you get a professional to dice it up for you so it has a proper hem!


Looking for your next prom or special occasion dress? Look through our prom, glamour and plus size lines to find your dream dress!


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