Top 10 Graduation Songs


Top 10 Graduation Songs


So, you’ve made it through the graduation ceremony and you’ve posed for every possible picture your mother asked for, now what? Time to celebrate of course! You’ve more than earned the right to party with your friends for your big achievement, whether that’s a fancy party with cocktail dresses or a joint trip for frozen yogurt. Even if this wasn’t your year to graduate you’re bound to have friends making the big transition!


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No matter how you choose to celebrate you need a playlist as a soundtrack to your success. Here are the top 10 songs to jam along to. Cry a little or cry a lot but embrace these moments with your friends! Just in case, don’t forget to waterproof your makeup!


1.     Graduation(Friends Forever) by Vitamin C

Ok, so maybe this is the most cliche graduation song ever but I don’t even care. You know as soon as you hear that intro (which is from Pachelbel’s Cannon in D) your eyes are gonna get blurry!


2.     Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper

This has been an anthem for young women everywhere since its release and it’s the perfect song to sing along to! As scary as this transition can be remember that you are going to have so much fun on this new adventure!


3.     We are Young by FUN

This hardly needs explaining so I’m not even going to try. I know this song has been overplayed on the radio but if you listen to the words you’ll get the message loud and clear!


4.     It’s Time by Imagine Dragons

It’s Time is all about remembering your friends and the town your came from! The perfect anthem for remembering your roots while looking forward to your future.


5.     Rather Be by Clean Bandit

One of those songs that makes you dance even if it’s just awkwardly in the car with a stranger staring at you at the red light. Break out those moves you rocked in your prom dress!!


6.     I’ve had the Time of my Life-Bill Medly and Jennifer Warnes

Maybe this is a little old school (ok a lot old school) but it worked in Dirty Dancing so it’s gotta work for you! Plus you know all the words!


7.     Anything can Happen-Ellie Goulding

Another top 40 hit but we know that this is the point in your life where you literally have TONS of options! Enjoy it!


8.     Cry Just a Little-The Bingo Players

So I said it before but trust me these moments deserve just a few tears. It’s perfectly normal to feel a little freaked and there’s nothing wrong with embracing your feelings!  Plus it’s too upbeat to keep you from being bummed out.


9.     You Get What You Give-The New Radicals

Another one of those songs that you don’t know all the words to and that’s ok! All you know is that is you’re feeling it and it reminds you of your high school glory days!


10.  Miles Apart by Yellowcard

Let this take you back to your middle school days when you knew how totally punk rock it was to be in love. There’s nothing wrong with a little reminiscing while you celebrate your future!


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