3 Tips To Wear Summer Clothes In Fall & Winter


3 Tips To Wear Your Summer Clothes In Fall & Winter

With the  onset of fall we get to look forward to yummy food, beautiful weather and shopping for homecoming dresses! But one of the hardest parts about transitioning to my fall and winter wardrobe is giving up all of my beautiful prints and colors in exchange for the more traditional black and grey. But this year things will be different! This year I’ve settled on three accessories that will help extend the life of my spring and summer clothes well into the cold!

1 – Tights

Extend the life of your summer clothes
Tights are perfect under your favorite sundress or shorts

My first must-have accessory is tights! Right about now you’re rolling your eyes and saying, “I have about a million pairs of black tights. Try again.” But I’m not just talking about your grandma hosiery. Tights come in all sorts of fabulous colors and prints and they are perfect under your favorite sundress or shorts! In addition to added warmth they can also be a spectacle by themselves! Try pairing an eye popping pair with your favorite formal dress to help you stand out in the crowd!

2 – Boots


Extend the life of summer clothes
Boots will keep you warm and looking stylish!

Unfortunately as it gets colder we’re forced to relinquish our sandals for more appropriate footwear but this is the perfect chance to add another staple to your closet. If you don’t already own a pair invest in a good pair of fall boots! Whether you prefer brown or black (or both!) these boots just have to meet a few criteria. They have to be sturdy enough to withstand the wet and cold of the fall and winter months since having cold toes is never fun! Whether you pair them with the skinniest of jeans or the previously mentioned sundress and tights they will keep you warm and looking stylish!

3 – Cardigans


Extend life of summer clothes
Instantly and effortlessly chic!

My final accessory to extend the life of your summer clothes would be a thick knit cardigan. Buy these. Buy several of them in several colors. I cannot stress how helpful these are in extending the wear time of your summer clothes! Throw one of these over a pair of jeans and your favorite summer tank, add a scarf and voila! Instantly and effortlessly chic. Or add one over a sparkly cocktail dress to tame down your look!

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