Tips for Beach perfect makeup!


Tips for Beach perfect makeup!


Okay, maybe I’m getting ahead of myself but with Spring Break just around the corner for a lot of us I have been daydreaming of nothing but sunshine and clear blue water! Whether you’re going to the beach or chilling next to the pool here are few tips for the perfect poolside face. I know that it seems silly to put on makeup for the beach but in case you’re not a Victoria secret model/ some sort of magical unicorn creature who is flawless all the time here are a few steps to keep you looking your best!





1. Protect Yourself!


I can preach the joys of sunscreen until the cows come home so I’ll give you my mini break down. Sunscreen is the ultimate tool in making sure your face stays baby soft and wrinkle free for as long as possible! Maybe you’re remembering to apply to your body but don’t skip your face! Try a formula made specifically for your face so you’re not left feeling oily and uncomfortable.


2. Leave the foundation at home!


There’s nothing stranger than seeing a girl whose face is melting off in the summer sun so avoid any creamy sort of makeup like concealer or foundation, they’re ideal products for your fabulous prom dresses but not for the sweltering beach! Instead dust a a bit of a translucent powder all over to help combat shine. Remember, sweating opens up your pores so you definitely don’t want any cakey makeup giving you blemishes!




3. Bronze it up!


Like I said, powdery products are the easiest way to go one the beach so give yourself a bit of instant sun by brushing a bit of bronzer across the bridge and down the tip of your nose. Place a little into the hollow of your cheeks for instant cheekbones. Make sure you use bronzer that doesn’t have any sparkles which will look strange in the bright sun.


4. Waterproof mascara!


This should go without saying but waterproof mascara will be your best friend on the beach and for any sort of special occasion where there might be unexpected tears! If you’re like me and you feel naked without your eyeliner use an angled brush to apply a little of the mascara at the root of your lashes for bigger looking eyes!



Last but not least apply a hydrating lip balm or matte lipstick. Drinking plenty of water will help keep you fabulous but we all know lip color can pull a look together! Stay away from gloss since it’s texture doesn’t do well in heat (plus sand stuck to your mouth is gross). If you want more the matte lipstick will give you that perfect pop of color! If you’re not sure exactly how to wear matte lipstick check out this simple guide! 


By Faviana NY



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