Selecting the right shoes for your dress


Selecting the right shoes for your dress


There aren’t always many occasions in life when you get to wear a truly stunning jaw-dropping dress, but when you need the perfect party dress or pageant dress, at Faviana you are spoilt for choice. When it’s time to celebrate, there’s nothing better than indulging in a beautiful, new Faviana dress. You can spend hours choosing the perfect style and colour to match your unique personality and body type.

Accessories to your gorgeous new dress are also great fun to shop for and can really make or break your outfit. The next most important thing to buy after your dress is your shoes. Shoe shopping is a girls favourite past time! So lets have a look at some enticing heels and how to match them to your perfect dress!


Step 1: Select shoe colours that match your dress colour 

We may be stating the obvious but there’s actually a little bit more to this than you may initially think. If you are wearing a very bright coloured dress, like red or baby blue, opt for a heel that is either plain black or neutral so it doesn’t draw the eye away from the dress, but subtly compliments it instead. If you are wearing a dress that has embellishment on it, for example a green party dress with silver sequins covering the top half, you can select a heel with the same colour as your embellishment or the main colour of the dress.



Step 2: Add the X Factor to a plain coloured dress

If your dress is plain in colour with little or no embellishment, then go ahead and select some bright heels. If you’re wearing a dress with no pattern then you can go for some sparkly or glittery heels.


Step 3: Remember your occasion

Be it homecoming, prom 2016 or a special party, which requires a stunning new dress ensure you don’t commit any fashion crimes with your shoes. Elegant heels, stilettoes, and heeled sandals are the best choices for these types of occasion as they are classy and feminine in appearance. Try to avoid boots and bulky shoes. If you need to wear flats, then that’s fine, just ensure they look dressy enough to wear for a formal occasion.


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What types of heels go with what type of dress?


Maxi dress – Because there is a lot of material and you are very much covered up, always go with a peep toe heel or stiletto when wearing this type of dress as it will give you the illusion of having a longer leg.


Mini dress – Because you have a lot of leg on show, when wearing a mini dress, ensure you go with a closed off heel and stay away from peep toes. A classy, traditional heel will ensure your outfit looks complete and pleasing on the eye.


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Split dress – If your dress has a split up the leg (usually maxi dresses only) then you can get away with wearing pretty much all types of heels. The balance of skin showing with the subtle cover up when standing still allows you to wear peep toes, stilettos or traditional heels.


Midi dress – Midi dresses can make you look shorter, to tackle this, you’re going to need to elongate the leg, and that means heels. If you’re a stiletto lover, this is good news: midi dresses provide you with an excellent excuse to wear your highest, most ridiculous heels.


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