The Pre-Fall Sweep

As an avid lover of clothing I can appreciate the importance of a clean organized closet but it can be easy to let your multiple sweaters, prom dresses, and shoes get the best of you! A pre-fall sweep is the perfect chance to re-organize your life before you go back to the school grind in August.

A great deep clean can be broken own into three easy categories; yes, no, and maybe. The key to this process is to be brutally, brutally honest with yourself and thoroughly think your decisions through!

Your keep pile is both the easiest and hardest part of organizing your closet. It’s easy because you know all of the clothes you wear on a regular basis but it’s also easy to trick yourself into thinking that you’re totally gonna bring back that 90’s tank top but let’s be real, that shirt should stay in the past with Justin Timberlake’s cornrows (yes that happened, yes you should google image it). As a general rule of thumb I usually throw my basics into the keep pile as well since they never go out of style and regardless of what my mother tells me it’s impossible to have too many black cardigans.

Now the maybe pile should only be temporary. I say this because in the end you are ultimately keeping or giving away anything that lands in this pile. This includes clothes that you forgot you owned (it happens) and may want to try again and also clothes that may be damaged but are worth fixing. If you’re possibly willing to get that cocktail dress altered or get that zipper that keeps catching replaced, throw it in the maybe pile!

This leads me to your “no” pile. I can be very sentimental and hold on to something forever but if you take a step back and realize that you haven’t worn that skirt in 3 years it’ll make your organizing experience that much more productive. This pile should include any clothes that are damaged/stained beyond repair, clothes you don’t wear anymore or that simply don’t fit. From here it’s easy to separate what’s worth donating or giving away! Hand me downs are a real thing, so if you have a younger sister or even if your friends have younger sisters let them dig through your no pile and add to their closets!

When it comes to putting away your keep pile trying hanging your clothes back up in rainbow order. I know that sounds crazy but this one trick has helped keep me organized! If you know what color that top your looking for is you’ll know exactly where to find it and if you do it once, you never have to think about it again! I hope these tips help you get organized for the fall and make some room in your closet for your Faviana homecoming dress!


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