The Perfect Year Book Picture

Year book pictures are one of those almost unfairly stressful parts of being in high school. There’s a lot of pressure to make this specific picture count since it essentially immortalizes your year. I have never been one of those girls that was eager to be in front of the camera. My awkward phase lasted from about 8-18 and is still semi-ongoing. Even today when a girlfriend says to pose for a picture I find myself thinking, “what do I usually do with my elbows?!” or God forbid my knees for that matter. I usually end up looking like this guy except not even half as awesome.

Perfect Year Book Picture

Thankfully I’ve compiled a few tips that will make picture taking less stressful and these are also applicable for pictures in your Faviana prom dress!

Lets start with the face. As far as makeup goes I think it’s always best to go with your everyday makeup. I know that sounds boring, but if you want to be recognizable in your picture it’s best not to get too dolled up or you won’t look like yourself! However, you should stay away from mineral based foundations for pictures because they tend to reflect more light than a matte foundation, this can leave you looking washed out and pale. So stick with your matte foundation and matte eyeshadows, try emphasizing your eyes slightly with fake eyelashes!

As for hair I’m about to say things that will sound contradictory but really aren’t. I would suggest you wear your hair down but make sure you keep your hair out of your face. The emphasis of your picture should be your gorgeous face not your bangs! With that in mind try not to wear your hair completely up. This will leave you looking more severe than you may want so opt for soft natural hair with pieces pinned back and out of your face.

Your year book outfit is by far the least stressful part of the process since they only photograph the top half of your body, my only tip? Don’t wear anything with writing and save the print for the red carpet.  You don’t want your classmates to be deciphering the message on your shirt instead of paying attention to you. Try a classically cut solid colored shirt that will still be in style even years after you graduate!

Most importantly, remember to smile! I know that may seem like a given but I mean actually smile, with teeth! As Audrey Hepburn said, “I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls” and they really are. So remember that no one does you better than you do so cheese away! If it’s possible get yourself to actually laugh before the picture is taken, then your smile will be completely genuine!

I hope these tips take the stress out of your year book photo and get you off to a great school year!

By Faviana NY.


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