The Perfect Prom Playlist

You’ve got the perfect prom dress, the adorable date, and a curfew extension from the parents. All that’s missing—the perfect playlist, and we’ve solved that problem for you with our Spotify, Prom 2013 playlist.

Here are a couple of our favorites:

You’ll be rocking a red carpet gown and your sweet man will be wearing a “Suit &Tie,” but will he look as foxy as Justin Timberlake or Jay Z? Here’s hoping the answer to that question is YES.

If you like “Sweet Nothing,” by Calvin Harris, featuring Florence Welch, you might want to sift through your mom’s playlist for some Eurythmics and Everything But the Girl. Seriously—you’ll be the coolest retro queen at prom.

Obviously, we’d prefer you bought prom dresses from a Faviana retailer, but if you have to shop at a “Thrift Shop,” (no shame in being a bargain hunter!), hopefully it won’t smell like “R. Kelly’s armpits,” like Macklemore’s shirt.

The gorgeous, long, white, evening gown that Katy Perry wears at the start of her “Firework” video may not be such a great prom pick, but checking out her style over the last few years will give you some serious promspiration.

T-Swift has had her share of boy problems over the years, and if she can get through a breakup, so can you. If your date gives you shade, hold your head high and go solo. . .

. . . and make like Robyn and spend the night dancing on your own.



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