The next big thing: PROMPOSALS


We’ve all heard about potentially embarrassing marriage proposals relayed via jumbotron or flashmobs shocking the pants off some unsuspecting soon-to-be fiancée, but now guys are starting earlier with the big bold moves and asking girls to prom in completely over-the-top ways. This new trend? It’s called the promposal.

Both the New York Times and the New York Post covered “promposals” this week, with the Times citing one California senior named Adam Halper, who had “arranged for his younger brother and four friends to surprise his date in the middle of math class. The boys trooped in shirtless, with the girl’s name — ‘S-A-R-A!’ — painted on their chests and ‘P-R-O-M?’ on their backs. After a pregnant pause, Adam arrived with flowers and presented them amid cheers from his classmates.”

Prior to this outbreak in over-the-topness, a girl’s biggest worry was finding a dress for prom. Now she has to worry that some guy is going to announce his intentions over the PA at school or show up on her doorstep dressed up like a fuzzy panda bear. (Whut?!)

What kind of prom dress will top that proposal? A little black dress is no match for a full-on furry costume.

Halper’s date said yes, but that’s obviously not always the case. The Post talked to one teacher who told the reporter that one of her student had asked for help. Reluctantly, she helped him line up five cupcakes that spelled out P-R-O-M on his crush’s desk before class. There were also two slices of cake—one marked “yes,” the other “no.” The mean girl made the poor kid sweat it out for 20 minutes before taking a bite out of the “no” slice.

Here’s hoping that Mean Girl has a prom that makes Carrie’s look like fun.


Of course where there’s a trend, there are people willing to make money off it. One New York City company will fly a plane with a proposal banner trailing it for upwards of a thousand bucks. (Um, wouldn’t you rather spend that on a fabulous red-carpet dress?) For a more reasonable $100, the video board at Yankee Stadium will do the asking. But if a guy is going to go that all out on a prom date, how will he ever top that with a wedding proposal? Tattoo his request onto his forehead? It’s enough to make a girl yearn for the days of the awkward phone ask.


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