The Boys You Should (and Should NOT) go to prom with!


The boys you should (and should NOT) go to prom with!


It may seem like ages ago but in all reality my own prom was only a few years back and I definitely remember how much fun it was to go shopping for my dress and shoes and the anxiety when it came to who I would be going with. You can hear all about my own awkward “promposal” here, but, besides your fabulous prom dress, who you go with is definitely the most important part of your night! You want to make sure you are gonna be with someone youʼll have fun and be safe with!


Old Faithful


If youʼre one of the lucky ones thatʼs been with your boyfriend since you locked eyes at freshman orientation good for you! Youʼll have a wonderful time with your significant other and youʼre guaranteed not to have any awkwardness! Nothing could be worse than that time you spilled a glass of ice tea on his mom. Dance the night away!



The Jock


Ladies Iʼm gonna need to ask you to have a little strength on this one. Iʼm by no means saying that all jocks are like this but we all know that one. The one with all the “I scored the winning touchdown” swag and even though he might make ideal arm candy any guy who is used to having the show be about him will not be focused on having a joint prom experience. Leave this one in the dugout.



Class Clown


Ok, so maybe heʼs not a Hollister ad but this one is an absolute keeper. Heʼs sure to keep you grinning all night long and there will no awkward silences at the dinner table! As an added plus everyone is always happy to see him and heʼs the first to get up to rock out to that T Swift song you secretly (not so secretly) love!



The Drop Out


I know that bad boys always look so appealing in movie and books but when it comes to your prom you might want to reconsider going with someone who dropped out. Going to prom is supposed to be one of the many rewarding things about staying in school and working hard, so why should he get to do the fun things if heʼs not willing to work at the hard things?



The Best Friend


That stud right there is my best friend and we went to senior prom together! Not only did I have an awesome time but I got to share the memory with someone who will be in my life forever. In addition to that, you can be sure that your date wonʼt get drunk and abandon you because they genuinely care about your well being! Take this one for a spin and go make some memories!




Whoever you go with we hope you have a fabulous time and feel amazing in your Faviana dress! If youʼre still looking for the perfect style click through our beautiful collections to find the right one! 


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