The Best Dress for Your Body Shape


The Best Dress for Your Body Shape    


Prom dress sopping is exciting and scary at the same time. Exciting because prom is such a big deal and scary because there are so many options. According to most stylists womenʼs bodies generally fall into one of six different body shapes. This is why some trends look amazing on a hanger or model but look like a sparkly sack of potatoes on you. Thereʼs nothing wrong with you at all, the dress was just made for a different body type. Hereʼs a simple guide to different types of figures and the dresses that will flatter them! 


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The Hourglass

If you have a distinct waistline, a knockout bust line and awesome legs youʼre a classic hourglass. Stick with a red carpet dress thatʼs clingy from your bust to belly and then gently flares out. 

The Pear

Your hips may be larger than your bust and you have a beautifully defined waist. With such pretty shoulders a strapless dress is a no brainer! A dress with a stand out bodice will keep you looking proportional!



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The Goblet

Your shoulders are wide, your bust is ahem, “voluptuousʼ, and you struggle a little with your tummy. Deep V necklines will elongate your torso and draw focus to your impressive cleavage!

The Apple

Apples usually struggle with their stomach areas with can detract from their beautiful backs, shoulders, and bust lines. Show them off with a class strapless number which will highlight your fantastic arms as well! 



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The Column

This is generally considered the most common body type so youʼll have lots of options! Because your waist is not overly defined pick a close fitting gown with an accented waist to flatter your figure. 

The Brick

Youʼre probably very active in sports. You have to be careful with shape so you donʼt appear bigger than you are. A fitted bodice will make sure you show off what youʼve work so hard for, trust us! 




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