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We all know that summer is the time of year when we’re bearing more skin than usual, whether that’s on the beach or in one of Faviana’s flirty cocktail dresses we all want to love the skin we’re in! Unfortunately, there are always irritating little things that stand in the way of us looking our best. But not to worry! We have a few simple fixes for the most common skin tragedies we face during the summer!

The first thing I want to talk about is something that has haunted me the past few years I’ve lived in New York City. I’m talking of course about how scary pale I am nowadays. I lost all of my color after I moved here from Atlanta (where the sun is always shining) and my inner bronze goddess has been utterly heartbroken. Luckily there are a few ways to look glow-y without having to risk a tanning bed or laying out in Central Park. I know you don’t want to hear it but try and read this next part quickly so it hurts less. Just like ripping off a band aid. Ready? ok, here goes….


I know you’re horrified! But you need to hear me out. Tanning lotions and spray tans have traveled lightyears from that sickly orange hue they used to be known.  Now, there are products that can leave you looking like you just got home from a week at the beach without having to step foot outside! As with all things, you should do research on the sunless tanner you choose to use. Keep in mind that you may have to experiment a little before you find the perfect product, but it will be worth it when you’re tan all year round without risk of sunburn or skin cancer!

Another skin problem commonly encountered in the summer is those pesky surprise break outs that pop up overnight. A mixture of sweat and makeup is enough to make anyone’s pores unhappy, but there are a few tricks to help quell these annoying pimples. A simple way to reduce the clogging of your pores is by wearing less foundation! Instead of a full face try a BB cream that offers sheer coverage or if you’re channeling your inner hippy don’t wear any foundation at all! Summer is a great time to embrace your natural skin! But if you love your make up (which I do) and you’re not ready to face the world bare, make sure you always wash your face at night and use a good astringent and oil free moisturizer afterwards! If you have a big event and you’re looking for a quick fix try a lemon and aspirin face mask. You can easily find a recipe on line and there are tons of YouTube gurus who have videos that walk you through the process. They’re easy to make at home and can dramatically help with redness and inflammation!

Possibly the worst of the summer skin afflictions is that bloat that everyone (except Victoria Secret models) retains post winter. During the holidays we are eating and partying to our hearts content and that can make it easy for swim suit season to sneak up on us! Two tips that can help you get to your ideal body weight are trying healthier alternatives, like green smoothies which can deliver extra nutrients in yummy packages and implementing a daily workout! Even if it’s only 30 minutes it helps just to get you moving! There is tons of work out programs and ideas all over the internet. I like picking different exercises from Pinterest so I never get bored doing the same old motions over and over. Try playing ultimate frisbee, or a good old fashion game of tag. You’ll find yourself laughing and getting in your work out before you know it!

No matter what, remember to stay true to yourself and your style this summer in your Faviana party dress!

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