Summer Celebrations

When we think of summer…. bikinis, summer clothes, flip-flops and sunglasses are the things that come to mind.  Those pieces are key for enjoying a relaxing day at the beach, but when it comes time to celebrate a wedding during the hot summer months, we’re asked to brush off the sand, and slip into something a little less casual.  Still, summer weddings (and other summer celebrations) call for a very different type of “dressy” attire.  Instead of stuffy up-dos, we can opt for free-flowing beachy waves, and instead of sky-high suede pumps, we can wear espadrille wedges.  Whatever the occasion, summer style can be easier and more comfortable than the formal styles we’re resigned to wearing during the other 9 months of the year.  Summer has a lighter tone than winter, so we’re invited to loosen up our look.

Perhaps the key to summer wedding style is re-introducing color into our lives – forget about the black cocktail dresses for a while, and go for something with a summery feel.  Pastels, brights and florals are appropriate in any style – whether you need a formal gown or a casual dress, summer colors make a big difference.  For beach weddings, breezy chiffon is a perfect choice – it just might help to prevent you from sweating (no promises, so bring oil-blotting sheets and make-up for touchups just in case).  If the event is taking place at an indoor venue, but the invitation still invites casual dress, wear a simple piece in a color that pops.  It’s important to note what time the celebration is scheduled to take place.  A daytime wedding calls for a more laid-back look (maybe a simpler cotton dress), whereas a nighttime event is slightly more formal (where a cocktail dress is more appropriate).  Lighter fabrics and textures are things to look for while shopping for a summery dress – chiffon, mesh, charmeuse and stretch jersey dresses are great choices.  And of course, accessories are what make a dress season-specific.  You might be able to completely switch up a look by adding different accessories to the same dress you wore in the fall.  Think: light chain necklaces, lucite bangles, straw clutches, turquoise stones, flowered headbands and embellished sandals.  Let your outfits scream “summer!” from head-to-toe as your celebrations continue – leave the bikinis for the beach, but don’t hesitate to bring a pair of flip-flips for some relief from your wedges as you make your way home!


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