Summer Braids

Dealing with hair during the summer is one of the most frustrating things we have to put up with. I know my hair can be perfectly straight and sleek but as soon as I step into the boiling subway system I look like I’ve licked my finger and stuck it in a socket. Luckily we have a solution here at Faviana! Braids will be your best friend during these sweltering months and they look chic whether you’re wearing a red carpet dress or wearing a casual short dress! Here are some of this season’s hottest braids and the evening dresses they pair with perfectly.

Braids hair summer Faviana style 6814This is called a waterfall braid and it looks like something I imagine a Disney princess would do with her hair. This is great way to sample the braid trend if you’re a little shy. This is also the perfect style if you like to leave your hair loose and down which always looks amazing with a classic strapless dress like Faviana style 6814!

Braids summer look Faviana style 7122

The braid you see here is perfect for all ages. This is just an updated French braid that has been turned into a crown! Try this edgy style with an equally stand out dress like Faviana style 7122 and you’ll be sure to turn heads at your next event!

Braids hair summer look Faviana style 7104

Summer giving you frizz? Not a problem! The fishtail braid has been seen everywhere from the runway paired with cocktail dresses to the red carpet and even post beach!  The best part of this style is it can be as sleek or as undone as you want in to be.  Try fluffing up your fishtail braid and pairing it with a formal dress gown like style 7104 to update a classic look!


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