Style Tip Expert of the Week – Elodie C.

This week’s Style Tip Expert is Elodie C. also known as @Alodianyc on! Elodie titles this look, “La Vie en Rose,” well said from a true French fashion lover.

Have a “look at life through rose colored glasses” with this glamorous Faviana chiffon dress, Style 6428. We love this addition of Parisian flare to one of our Faviana favorites. Imagine standing at the top of the Eiffel Tower with the sun setting in the background, your dress blowing in the wind and cameras flashing from every direction… What a beautiful fantasy.

You can make your fantasy come true with this “La Vie En Rose” look. It’s all about the dress, and the simple black Alexander McQueen sandal heels and sleek YSL clutch are great, high fashion add-ons to highlight the color of the dress. You can never go wrong with black accessories because black goes with everything! When it comes to wearing such an elegant chiffon dress such as this style, minimalism is key. You never want to overdo it with the jewelry, make-up, or accessories because it will take away from the beauty of the dress. And as we said, it’s all about the dress!

For my fashionistas who like to experiment with colors and patterns, you can definitely do that with this look as well. Try adding funky highlights to your hair or experiment with your waves or curls using pinks and purples in an ombre look. You can also try some funky nail styles as well. Nail art is returning to the fashion trend stage with fashionistas all over the world expressing their wild sides with crystals, chains, and lots of glittery add-ons to their nails.

Walk through the doors of your homecoming, prom, or ball with your own personal Paris Fashion Week catwalk in this beautiful look.  Thanks Elodie C.!

La vie en rose

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