Step Up Your Nail Game

Back to school style is on everyone’s minds as August creeps closer and closer. Whether you’re allowed to choose your outfits or you have a uniform to rock everyday your nail fashion is an equally important factor in your look! Here are a few of the easiest ways to make your hands stand out whether it’s everyday or with your homecoming dress!

Nail Wraps

If you’re a big fan of nail designs but you don’t have the patience/coordination to paint them yourself nail wraps are the answer to all your problems! The designs pictured above are by Sally Hansen and there are options for days! They’re a little tricky to apply your first time but apparently they come 16 in a box so you have a wide margin for error! and the summer is the perfect time to try as many new looks as your heart desires.

Textured nail polish

Texture is the hottest trend in nails right now and companies are experimenting with a variety of colors and options! There are polishes that mimic fabrics, stone, they even make a leather effect polish! For the pretty punk girl the leather effect nail polish is the ideal eye catcher for your first day of school or for your chic prom dress! Try using studs as nail art to take this look one step further!

The Throwback

Sometimes the classics are the best. Half moon manicures originated in the 1920’s and they stayed in fashion through the 40’s. If you’re channeling a vintage look that goes with your special occasion dress, look no further! This shape of the polish tricks your eyes into thinking your fingers and hands look longer and therefore more elegant. As an added plus you can get this look simply by using some paper reinforcers!

I hope this blog has inspired you to try new nail art with your favorite Faviana dress for homecoming!


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