Spring to Summer Wardrobe

Hey guys! It’s Haley Dorn here, Face of Faviana finalist and guest blogger!

Summer is approaching, so that means it’s time to transition your wardrobe from spring to summer, which means evening gown dress to your cocktail dress! (: Who loves changing your wardrobe based on seasons?? I know I do! Capri pants and jackets get put to the side as you bring out your hot, bright, summer clothes. Not only can you change your clothes, you can change your accessories, too!

The first step of transitioning your clothes is to organize your closet. Put your skirts, short dresses, shorts, tank tops, a short sleeve shirts where you can access them easiest. Another way to organize your clothes is by color. The hottest colors for summer are here: zesty lemon, african violet, nectarine, emerald green, white dresses, and poppy red. Ahhhhh! There’s a color for everyone!

The second step is…mix up the prints and patterns! There are lots and lots of patterns out there. The hottest patterns right now are black and white stripes and floral prints. So bring out your black and white dresses.

The third step is…..update your accessories! Platform heels and “strappy” sandals are very in for shoes. As for jewelry, hoop earrings, pearls, and bright bracelets are in! (: And here’s the next best part of summer accessories: sunglasses are in! Big sunglasses and cat eye sunglasses are the hottest accessory trend for the summer!! I love some sunglasses!

The fourth and most fun step is…HAVE FUN AND BRING OUT YOUR INNER STYLIST!

Now that you have your clothes and accessories, make some awesome outfits that I know you can do. (:

If you get in a slump, don’t worry. High-low dresses make the perfect cocktail evening dress and jumpsuits can save the day! These are perfect for when it’s not spring but not quite summer. Best of all, people love love love high-low dresses and jumpsuits! I know I do!!

Have fun making outfits that suit who you are! You are beautiful!


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