Save time in the morning with a new beauty routine


Save time in the morning 
with a new beauty routine


Bed head

Going back to school is equal parts challenging and exciting! Of course school brings this like football games and homecoming dresses but it also brings earlier mornings.  During the Summer we can sleep in late and roll out of bed to get in the pool but academia calls for a stricter schedule! Here are a few quick tips to save time in the morning and get you out the door faster!


Shower at Night

A tried and true favorite, showering at night can be a huge game changer in the morning! If you shower the night before you can shave carefully and take your time with your regimen instead of feeling stressed and rushed. Plus it’s so lovely to go to bed makeup free and clean!


Sleep your way to beautiful hair

Sleep your way to beautiful hair

After you’ve showered allow your hair to air dry until damp and then try a no heat sleep-in hairstyle. This can include anything from old school velcro rollers to braids to buns. There are a ton of online hair tutorials so look some up and have fun experimenting with what works best for your hair! Not only will this save you loads of time in the morning but it severely cuts down on the amount of damage you do to your hair with heat tools.


Lay Out Your Outfit the Night Before

Lay Out Your Outfit the Night Before

This is something my mother forced me to do as a child that always saved her time getting my sister and me ready for school and it works just as well in my (semi) adulthood! By picking what you’re wearing the night before you eliminate that awkward 10 minutes you spend in from of your closet in a towel and then the subsequent 15 minutes you spend rooting around for that particular shirt to match those jeans. Just like you would for any special occasion take the time the night before to lay everything out (including your accessories) so all you have to worry about in the morning is putting on your face!


Speaking of your face…

The au natural looks is back! This means that a few swipes of concealer, mascara, and a touch of colored lip balm are plenty to get you through the day. need a few more ideas? Read the summer makeup blog for a more in depth tutorial!

We hope these tips help cut down the crazy in the morning and get you to school on time! Who knows, maybe you’ll even have time for breakfast! Share this blog and help your friends know how to save time in the morning! 


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