Rapunzel Goes to Prom


Rapunzel Goes to Prom



I know for me prom felt like the beginning of a new part of my life! And for a girl who spent the first eighteen years of her life stuck in a tower, prom would seem like a miracle! Luckily for Rapunzel Faviana makes the perfect 2014 prom dress for her! Style 7339  is a gorgeous strapless chiffon number with delicate ruching on top.



I think this simple but elegant dress is the perfect fit for a princess like Rapunzel. The joy of wearing a dress like this is that you can accessorize any way you like! To bring her look out of the dark ages I suggest pairing this dress with a daring statement necklace like the one above but keep your earrings simple. Not only does this modernize her look but it will keep everyone’s attention on your picture perfect face!



Obviously Rapunzel was known for her killer locks but unless you’re willing to invest some serious cash in extensions I would try giving her braided look! You can watch Lilith Moon’s tutorial here which will teach you how to achieve a similar look. One way to step up your hair game  would be to replace the tiny cloth roses with tiny real flowers. They will bring a refreshing sweetness to the completed style. 


I hope you enjoyed this princess inspired look! Click through the rest of our website to find your fairytale perfect look! 


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