Post-Prom Wrap-up

Your dress is at the dry cleaner, the heels have been cast aside in favor of flip flops, and you’re back in a ponytail and sunscreen instead of hot rollers and foundation. Yes, prom is over for another year.

So it’s time to look back and see what your nails looked like, how you rocked your hair, and—of course, what you were wearing. Here are a few trends we noticed. . .


From your evening gown to your bag to your fingernails, metallics were the big story this season. If you went with a little black dress, chances are your clutch was gold or silver and your shoes were shiny too. Doesn’t Sydney B. rock this prom dress?

Shades of red

Deep crimson all the way down to pale baby pink, shades of red were all the rage at prom this year. Whether you were wearing a red dress, fuchsia nails, rosy lips or scarlet heels, chances are you were part of this trend. And why not—after all, red is the color of passion. Check out prom queen Stephanie in sequined pink!

Cut Outs

Daring to bare it was another hot trend this prom. This beautiful girl on the Faviana Facebook page’s (you “liked” it, didn’t you?!) “Fashion Smart Girls in Faviana” photo album looked exquisite in a blue gown with a subtle dash of sequins and strategic cutouts.

Sequins still sizzle

Thankfully, flat matte has yet to make a comeback (except as part of nail art), so sequins once again made a big impression this season. Sparkling evening gowns, blinged-out cocktail dresses—the shinier the better. Check out

Themes & Memes

According to Seventeen magazine, prom themes were all over the place from casinos to masquerades to mardi gras. As for memes, well, the Harlem Shake still has a place.

Updating classic hair

Another big trend for Prom 2013 was updating classic hair looks and giving them an entirely new, modern twist. Teen Vogue showed us that the bouffant your granny probably rocked at her prom looks completely 2013 when it’s given a looser, more romantic tousle.

Source: Teen Vogue

Slow Dance

MTV put together a great playlist of prom songs, including everyone from Solange to Florence and the Machine, but we want to hear your jam. What was your favorite prom song this year? Tell us on our

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