Plus Size Dressing Made Easy

Fashion comes in all sizes, where most people think you have to be a size 2 to wear trendy clothes, the opposite is true.  As girls have to dress for their body type to feel more comfortable and look their best, it doesn’t mean that women of a bigger size can’t still be trendy.

It is true that plus size girls should choose darker colors, tailored clothing and simple lines and avoid shiny fabrics, and highwaisted pants, but you can choose patterns, color combinations, and stripes.  Heels are always flattering on any body type and especially on plus size, where they will elongate your legs and make you feel sexier.  Lots of women complain that plus size clothing is not as trendy and stylish every season.  But that is actually not true, as more and more companies are expanding their plus size collection and making them very fashion forward.

Here are a few plus size myths debunked.  Popular trend for Fall is peplums, which in plus size you would think adds volume, but in reality a pencil skirt with a peplum would create an hourglass shape.   It is thought that horizontal stripes make a bigger girl bigger, but if you broke up the pattern with a blazer or colored pant, its very chic for all body types.  Black is always flattering, but why not try solid, bold color this Fall for the same slimming effect, just steer clear of neons as they are not as flattering.   Maxi skirts are very in right now, but when you have a bigger frame wear soft pleats at the waist, they camouflage your backside and the stomach area.

When you are getting dressed don’t be afraid to wear clothes that fit exactly right.  Many plus size women dress in baggy clothes as they hope to hide their figure, but hide nothing, wear tighter clothes to accentuate the body and show off your curves.  Just make sure they are the right size and not too big or too small.  Many women wear clothes that do not fit their body properly and it doesn’t look as good.  Keep size proportions in mind and dress for you, be comfortable this season, but try something new, wear the most recent trends and styles.  This is the time to be adventurous and look great at your next event or just another day out.


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