Picking the Right Length Dress For Your Prom

Choosing the right dress for prom 2012 is difficult especially with all of the trends and styles out there today.  One of the biggest issues is choosing short or long.  Faviana has the top five reasons to go long and five reasons you have to go short.

Five Great Reasons to Go Short

1. Gorgeous Gams
When your legs are your best feature, it’s natural to want to show them off. Even if they’re
just one of many fine features, you might want to consider it. But remember, if you’re
revealing down below, don’t go crazy with the cleavage.
2.   You live in a tropical climate
Many women wear maxi dresses despite their warm climates, but if you’re someone who
likes to keep it cool, a shorter style might be for you.
3.  You’re just a tiny bit of a tomboy
Formalwear should be you times ten. If a long dress seems like it’s going to make you
uncomfortable, go with the freedom you’ll find in a short one. Or perhaps get the best of both
worlds with a high-low style that’s short in the front and longer in the back.
4.  You’re madly in love . . . with your shoes
Most women buy their shoes to match your dress. Not you. If you’ve blown a year’s
babysitting money on your footwear, a short dress will act as a frame for your find.
5.  You’re an aspiring DWTS contestant
If your dance style involves high kicks, splits or the Party Rock Anthem, you probably need a
dress that’s not going to get in the way of all that action.
Five Great Reasons to Go Long
1.        You’re self-conscious about your legs
Hot up top and only so-so down below? The figure-flattering maxi is your friend, then. Bare your
shoulders and show a little cleavage and limit the leg exposure to a strategic slit or gauzy peek in a
floor-length gown.
2.        It’s going to be chilly
Proms are generally scheduled during the warmer months, but some climates stay chilly all year ‘round.
If this is the case, a long dress is not only a beautiful option for you, but a sensible one as well. If the
weather is usually dreary, you might want to opt for a ballet length to avoid dragging your hem.
3.        Your middle name should’ve been “Elegance”
You’d wear gowns every day if you had your way. Okay, at least once a week. You love the regal feeling
You get when you’re zipped into a curve-hugging mermaid cut frock or dancing the night away in
full-length princessy ball gown.
4.        You know you won’t last in heels
There are heels women and then there are the rest of us. If you feel like you’re probably going to slip
into flats at some point during the dancing, opt for a ballet length gown, so you don’t trip over your hem.
5.        You’re the tallest girl in the class
Maybe you feel a little awkward being taller than any guy on the basketball team, but height is a
blessing and we say accentuate the positive with a long, beautiful, flowing gown. Don’t you dare
hunch over and try to disappear. Prom night is for letting it fly!
Regardless of whether you want tea length, mini, maxi, high slit, there is a dress out there for everyone.  Find the perfect fit, perfect length for your body and have the best time at prom 2012.


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