One of the wonderful things about fashion is that it is never done. There will always be a new way to express your individuality through your clothes, hair, and makeup. One of the recent emerging trends in self-expression has been through nail art! Thankfully there’s a lot of fun nail art that you can do at home that doesn’t require fancy equipment or in many cases too much time. Today I’m going to suggest two basic looks that you can easily accomplish with polishes you already have at home and the last will (probably) require a trip to the nail salon for a little extra maintenance. Whether you like your manicures polish free and au natural or your acrylics could put Edward Scissor Hands to shame, this article will hopefully have something to inspire you!

The first look is for the girl who wants a touch of flash without drawing too much attention to her hands.

The accent nail

This look is by far the easiest to to accomplish at home. You simply choose any color your heart desires and paint one nail a different or contrasting color to make it stand out! I’m personally fond of using any kind of chunky glitter for my accent nail. Not only is it super easy to recreate this look but you can use and combination of nail polish you already own!

Tape Art

If you have a bit more time to spend on your nails and you’re looking for something more festive, tape is your new best friend! You can use tape to create funky geometric shapes or holiday themed nails like those shown above. You can even use a pair of craft scissors to cut a pattern into the tape to give you interesting curves. The best part of this look is that you are limited only by your imagination and how much tape you have!

A Brand New Shape

If you already wear acrylic nails or are interested in trying them then maybe you should embrace the stiletto nail we’ve been seeing celebrities like Lana Del Ray, Beyonce, and Katy Perry Rock! This is a shape that you don’t see often but as Lana clearly shows it is a look that is both different and surprisingly elegant. Don’t be afraid of trying something new and embracing your inner rock star! If They can do why can’t you?

I hope these looks and have inspired you to take the plunge into nail art and to embrace a whole new way to express yourself! These are just a few of the amazing looks you can create at home so look online for other designs that speak to your style and feed your creativity!


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