Quick Fixes for 3 Last Minute Problems

Quick Fixes for 3 Last Minute Problems

So, I am a girly girl. I love every aspect of prepping for a special event and if you gave me two weeks to get ready I would use literally every moment. Unfortunately no matter how prepared you think you are for your big night there are always the little things that go wrong. I’m here to bring you a few quick fixes for those last minute tragedies! These fixes use things you probably already have laying around or are easy to pick up from your local convenience store!

1 – Hair Apparent


Last Minute Problems

It’s the day of your event and your Faviana dress has you looking red carpet worthy! Then to your horror you look in the mirror and find that the perfectly coiffed hair you paid for has completely fallen limp. Not to worry! Calmly reach for the nearest bottle of dry shampoo you can find. Gently divide your hair into sections and spray the roots of your hair. Give the dry shampoo a chance to dry and then gently comb or brush through your style. It will give you instant lift and volume and if teasing your hair frightens you this is the ideal alternative!

2 – The stuck zipper


Last Minute Problems - stuck zipper

Oh God, the zipper on your killer cocktail dress is stuck. My first step for traversing your way through this situation is to NOT PANIC. Do not, and I repeat, DO NOT yank on your zipper. This may seem like your first instinct but you have to be gentle. If you’re too impatient you can accidentally rip your dress! Try rubbing your zipper with a little bit of soap to lubricate the track and it should zip right up! There are a ton of home remedies for this situation so if soap doesn’t work for you turn to google for other ideas. My only suggestion is to use products that won’t accidentally stain your dress!

3 – The attack of the heels

Last Minute Problems 3

Those adorable new pumps you bought to match your prom dress look magnificent but after 10 minutes around the house your feet feel like they’re on fire! Luckily there is a quick way to stretch out those new shoes without the dreaded blisters. Put on a thick pair of socks, the thickest you can find and grab your trusty hair dryer! Put on your shoes and heat it up with the hairdryer, be careful not to damage the material or yourself! After you’ve heated the shoe walk about the house for a few minutes to stretch it out. Repeat this process until your shoes are stretched to fit your feet! It’s always a good idea to throw a few bandaids in your bag as well, just in case.

I hope these quick fixes from Faviana help to make your night perfect despite any last minute problems! Don't hesitate to share your issues and questions by commenting this post or on our Facebook page.

By Faviana NY


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